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Drive Way Automation

Some questions are so personal that even Google can’t answer them. For example, if you Google, “How many gates should my home have?” you learn nothing. Unless you want to know about Bill Gates’ mansion, and then you can learn a lot.
At Buzz Custom Fence, when our customers ask us this question we walk them through a few thinking points. And together, we always figure out a personal solution to this tricky question. Here are some thoughts to ponder.


After access – nobody wants to vault over their new fence every time they come home, especially while carrying groceries – security is the number one reason people add a gate. By narrowing your access point down to a pedestrian or drive gate, it’s much easier to monitor who’s coming and going. The amount of security people needs vary. For example, the richer you are, the more stuff you probably have to steal. So ask yourself how many gates you want to monitor. You can concentrate your efforts – cameras, iris scanning, fingerprint technology, cavity searches, human guards, watch dogs – at one or more access points, depending on your security budget.


Is your estate large? Do you want to be able to drive straight to your private boathouse without stopping off at the mansion? In that case, you might need a separate gate that’s closer to your dock. Even those with more modest homes may prefer the convenience of multiple gates. Say you have a bungalow with a big, fenced backyard. Installing a gate on each side of the house can be much more convenient while gardening than having to make a full lap around the house to get to the gate.

We Do Gates


We pride ourselves on building some beautiful gates here at Buzz. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you might want one grand entry point, or the symmetry of several smaller gates, strategically placed along your fence. Or maybe an impressive drive gate, then one or more humble pedestrian gates.
At Buzz, our designers love to draw up plans. Working together, we can answer the question of how many gates you need, and make sure that every gate we build is as secure, convenient and beautiful as you desire.