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snowy fenceAs people gear up for the holidays, they think about gifts, holiday dinners, and how to make the most of shorter days. Maybe they remember to winter-prep their cars with snow tires or antifreeze. But few tune in to that little voice out in the yard saying, “What about me?” Yep, that’s the voice of your fence, reminding you it needs a little winter love.
So what do we need to do to protect that fence that serves us so well? What does our fence want for Christmas? Here are its top priorities:
Take a good look at your fence. Are there rotten pickets? A sagging gate? Nails sticking every which way? Shore up the weak spots by replacing anything that needs replacing, neatening nails and tightening bolts on your gates and fence frame.
Think waterproofing. Is your wood fence waterproof? Or was it once waterproofed years ago, but you can’t quite remember when? Time to apply a coat of stain, sealer or waterproof paint before winter moisture causes rot.
Protect it from plants. What looks prettier than the interplay of fence and branches, or giant mounds of golden leaves piled around your wooden gate? Well, what’s pretty today may rot tomorrow. That pile of leaves is a rot-inducing moisture trap. Those low-hanging branches could break in a windstorm and damage your precious vinyl or aluminum fence. Rake and prune accordingly.

Ready for a new fence?

Vinyl fences need love, too. While vinyl doesn’t rot the way wood does, it doesn’t benefit from the damp, either. Do you have algae growing on your white vinyl fence? Not a good look. Keep in mind that vinyl becomes more rigid in colder temperatures and liable to break if hit with, say, a snow shovel. That said, don’t plow or blow snow directly into a vinyl fence.
Grease gate hinges. Hinges can get creaky during winter. Loosen them up with some WD40 or another greasy substance.
Winter is a great time for dreaming up your next project. If there’s a new fence in your future, give your friends at Buzz a call. Our team of designers will be happy to help.