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If you have a dog, you already know the wonderful benefits of their companionship. But you also know how guilty they can make you feel – staring at you with big, hungry eyes while you feast at the dinner table, or gazing pointedly at their leash when you just want to relax on the couch.
Well, your friends at Buzz Custom Fence can help ease that guilt. Today we’re going to talk about building your dog his or her own custom, deluxe dog run. With a dog run, Fido can safely exercise while you stay inside watching the game on TV.

What is a Dog Run?

A dog run is a secured area that’s smaller than a fenced yard, but bigger than a crate or kennel. For an average sized dog, a decent size is three by ten feet long, and six feet high. For dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds, a run should be at least four feet wide. Another way to calculate the right size is to measure your dog’s length, then make the run at least five times as long. Your dog should have space to comfortably stand, walk, lie down and turn around. Dog runs are typically made of metal or wood.

Benefits of a Dog Run

Many dogs really like to be outside. But you might not feel comfortable leaving your dog unsupervised in the larger yard. Maybe your fence is insufficient (Hey, we can help you with that, too!) or you don’t trust Spot not to chew on the hose or dig up your vegetable garden. A dog run is a safe space where your dog can enjoy the outdoors without getting into trouble. We can pour a cement surface so that your dog stays out of the mud, too. A dog can run even make the mail carrier, gardener and pool maintenance person feel safer!
And while we hate to contemplate somebody kidnaping your best friend, evil people sometimes steal dogs. Purebreds are especially at risk. A locked dog run keeps Fido safe from these hellbound criminals.

Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog

We Can Help

Many dog owners build their own dog runs, or assemble one from a kit. This DIY option is great for handy folks. But if you lack the time or skills – or if you want a better-than-average looking dog run—call your friends at Buzz today. We can design a cute run that complements your overall landscaping. Stylish dogs love Buzz.