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Have you been procrastinating? Is it almost Christmas, and your lights still aren’t up? Or, worse, after Christmas? Well, don’t worry. That’s when we can say we’re celebrating “the holidays,” a vague season that gives us lots of leeway about decorating, buying gifts, etcetera.
In other words, it’s not too late to decorate your fence.
Here are a few ideas to jazz up your fence and gate for the holidays. Easy ways. After all, this is supposed to be fun and relaxing time off spent with loved ones. Not hard labor in the yard.


Fences are the perfect backdrop for draping garlands. One of the most classic looks is a pine garland festooned across your fence, periodically dotted with big red bows. Finish off this traditional decor by intertwining a string of lights through the pine.

Texan Fence Looks

Are you a proud Texan? Then your Christmas fence should reflect this important fact of your heritage. Think taxidermied armadillos and old cowboy boots hanging from that pine garland. Or get a little more subtle by incorporating a few lightning whelks (the Texas state seashell) and petrified palmwood (the state stone) in your display. We’re also fans of antlers affixed to your gate. Extra points for jackalope antlers.

Christmas Stockings

Everybody knows that famous Christmas couplet, “The stockings were hung from the fence posts with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” What? Isn’t that how it goes? At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re pretty sure that’s how the poem was originally written. And talk about easy! Hang a few inexpensive bright red Christmas stockings from your fence and it will look festive in a hurry. Mind you, no family heirlooms. You don’t want to risk treasured ornaments to weather and un-Christmas-worthy passers-by.

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Less is More (or you’re really lazy)

What’s wrong, Grinch? Can’t get in the holiday spirit? Just get a garland or a single strand of lights and weave it around the gate. This minimal look will take under two minutes to achieve, and will probably raise your spirits just a tad.
We hope we convinced you it’s not too late to gussy up your fence and gate for the holidays. And if you find yourself wanting to start 2017 with a fence upgrade, give us a call after Christmas.