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If you’re fencing an unfenced property, or building a replacement fence from scratch, the possibilities are endless. This fact sometimes paralyzes customers. A fence is a big investment, and the first thing your guests will see when coming to call. Many customers tell us they’re not designers, and don’t even know where to start when coming up with a new fence design.
Don’t worry. At Buzz Custom Fence, we offer expert design services for both our residential and commercial clients. Together, our design consultants have more than 40 years of experience. We are ready, willing and able to help you realize that dream fence.
The first question we ask is what is the fence for? Some of the answers we get include:


A fence delineates the outer boundaries of your space. You might want it to match or complement your house.


Don’t want people watching your family barbecues and other backyard activities? We don’t blame you. A privacy fence forces neighbors and passers-by to mind their own business.

To contain small children or pets

Building your dream fence may prevent pets from escaping.
As we’ve discussed before, the potential for escaping pets is a sign you need a new fence.

Building Security

Keep out trespassers, or keep little kiddies away from pools.

Curb appeal

If you’re selling your house, your realtor may encourage you to build, rebuild or update a fence.
A fence’s purpose greatly informs its design. For example, wrought iron is aesthetically pleasing and great for security, but not so good for privacy.
We also ask customers about their budget, favorite materials and any preferred styles. We specialize in wood, iron, chain link, vinyl, aluminum, masonry and composite. Ask us about green and low-maintenance options.
One important thing to remember: If a homeowners association rules your neighborhood, they will be a third party in fence negotiations, especially regarding aesthetics.

Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog

At Buzz Custom Fence, we believe in the art of matching a house with its perfect counterpart gate. Our designers are adept at finding a perfect fence to add value and beauty to your home. They’ll work with you step by step, showing you drawings and photographs of your house with their prospective fences. Sooner rather than later, our designers will suggest something perfect. Then, voila. We build it, and you wake up with the fence of your dreams.