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Fall Fence

Summertime is a popular time for home improvements since you don’t have to contend with colder weather. Because of this, many people plan fence installations for the spring and summer months. However, these may not be the most optimal times for new fencing.

Best Time of Year to Install a Fence

In reality, a fence can be installed any time of year. However, some factors may make a certain time of year more favorable, and it often comes down to your individual preferences.

Advantages of Cold-Weather Installation

Installing a new fence during the fall or winter is often the best choice for the simple reason that you’re dealing with fewer obstacles. Gardens and landscaping tends to go fairly dormant during these months, so there’s less that’s physically in the way of the installation process, and it’s also the off season for fencing companies. This means you have fewer scheduling delays and (often) better rates.

You’re also not contending with the rain as much. Texas’s rainiest months tend to be April, May, and June, and while you can install a fence in the rain, a constant downpour could make it more difficult. Holes dug out for posts may fill up, and concrete may not cure as quickly.

Finally, a fall or winter installation can give wooden fences more time to become fully “seasoned” for the harsh sunlight of a Texas summer. UV and water resistance treatments often require the wood to be completely dry as well, making fall a great time for fence installation.

Advantages of Warm-Weather Installation

Of course, many people prefer to reserve fence installation for the summer when they aren’t hiding indoors from the cold or working around their kids’ school schedules. As such, spring or summer fence installation can be convenient for those reasons.

Fence installation during the early spring also avoids freezing temperatures that could slow things down. For instance, you typically don’t want to try to install fence posts when the ground is frozen, which may occur over several consecutive days of freezing temperatures. As warm as Texas is throughout the year, it can still get below freezing during the winter, and that could make the installation process more difficult.

Cheapest Time to Install a Fence

Overall, the cheapest time to install a fence is during the off season. That means fall, winter, or (very) early spring. Late spring and summer tend to be peak times, and it can be more difficult to schedule the fence installation company you want.

What to Do Before Fence Installation

Regardless of when you decide to install your fence, there are some preparations you’ll need to take care of beforehand.

Find and Mark Property Lines

Finding property lines is a vital part of fencing installation, especially if your new fence is going to be along the property line. Hiring a surveyor can help you take care of this step.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors is also a good idea prior to installing a new fence. The process can be a bit loud, and besides that, your neighbors will usually have to see at your fence whenever they go outside. If it’s anywhere near the property line, make sure those living nearby—and your HOA or community association—are okay with it.

Clear Debris from Your Yard

Making sure debris is cleared from your yard—or anywhere else you’re installing your fence or gate—can help the process go smoothly. If you’re installing a fence in the fall, rake up any leaves from the area nearby. For an early spring installation, you might want to refrain from getting your garden or landscaping going until the new fence is in place.

Note that debris or obstacles won’t necessarily keep a professional from completing your project. However, they can make it quicker and easier to complete.

FAQs on the Best Time to Install a Fence

Can a fence be installed in the winter?

Yes, as long as the ground hasn’t frozen up (not as common in Texas, but it could happen).

How cold is too cold to install a fence?

Usually if the temperature is consistently below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, fence installation is more challenging since the ground may have hardened up.

Can you install a fence in the rain?

You can install a fence in the rain as long as you’re not in the middle of a constant downpour.

Year-Round Fence Installation for Texas and Phoenix

While fence installation is usually more optimal in the fall or winter, we can take handle it any time of the year. for more about our services, or get a free estimate.