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wreath on fence

How dedicated are you to Christmas décor? As fence fanatics, we’d love to hear from anyone devoted enough to paint their fence for Christmas. We suggest alternating red and green pickets or striping them like candy canes. Or perhaps spray painting a snowy scene across its length.
Then again, most people don’t love both their fence and Christmas enough to combine the two into a holiday masterpiece. That’s okay. Even the less committed can enjoy a satisfying holiday fence with these decorating tips.

Put a Wreath on it

You’ve got to love wreaths. So festive, so simple to hang from your fence, and available everywhere like the craft store or the grocery store the entire month of December. Stick one on your fence and consider it decorated.

Christmas Lights

Lights are a step up from a wreath since you have to plug them in. Still, pretty easy. Drape a string of lights over your fence and they’ll light up the neighborhood. According to the 1000 Bulbs lighting blog, LED Christmas lights to last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs and use up to a third less power.

Santa Hats

If you have a picket fence or a fence with finials, top it off with a few strategically placed Santa hats. Best for dry climates – Santa doesn’t want a moldy hat.

Fence Peekers

Have you ever seen wooden cartoon characters looking over fences? These are called “fence peekers,” and they really pop out at Christmas time. We’ve seen grinches, snow people, penguins, elves, Santa, and reindeer. You have our word of honor, these are not tacky.

Ready for a new fence?


Unfortunately, the durable and steadfast chain link fence seldom gets respect. But this is the season your chain link can shine — with the help of garlands and tinsel. Chain link lends itself to a weaving project, and Christmas garlands are the perfect thread.
No Excuses
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