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backyard patio

The summer evenings are warm, you have a gorgeous fence delineating your yard and an attractive stone patio for entertaining. What’s next? How are you going to show your friends and family a good time in your backyard this summer?
Here are a few tips for enhancing that backyard experience.
We Do Gates

Fire Pits

How are you going to toast your s’mores? The best way is over a sturdy, professional, quality fire pit. And guess what? Your friends at Buzz build the best looking fire pits imaginable. So we can help you out if you want to give your guests the deluxe treatment. If a custom fire pit is beyond your means right now, consider a portable model made of metal, or a chiminea.

Mood Lighting

For a festive look, drape strings of lighting over your patio. If your tastes run to the cute or kitschy, we recommend such Texan motifs as lights shaped like cowboy hats, boots or horse heads. Then again, you could go with classic white fairy lights. For a green option, choose solar-powered lighting. There are lots of solar options now, including light stakes in the ground, embedded lights for stone patios, and hanging lanterns.

Outdoor Seating

Like solar lights, patio seating has also come a long way. You can find outdoor furniture these days that’s as comfortable as your couch. In fact, you might be tempted to move your TV outside. When choosing patio seating, consider how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Wicker is beautiful and summery, but will only put up with so much rain. You’ll need to remember to move it inside when a thunderstorm threatens. The same goes for cushions. Even water-resistant ones can get moldy if you don’t care for them. Metal and wood will better stand up to the weather.

Backyard Kitchen

Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog
Many people say food tastes better outside. To make sure nobody remembers your party for the wrong reason, be careful about serving food at the right temperature. Hot off the grill is perfect. Chips and nuts are stable at various temperatures. But food can go bad quickly in the sun – mayonnaise-laden potato salad is a classic – so, keep your snacks in the cooler as long as possible before serving.

Crafting your Perfect Patio

Your friends at Buzz love summer. If we can help create your perfect summer haven, give us a call. We’re champions of patios and fire pits, as well as fences.