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puppy proof wooden fence

While you may have an agenda for your yard – relaxing, entertaining friends, growing prize-winning dahlias – Queenie has her own priorities. She wants exercise, fresh air, entertainment, and interesting things to smell. These five tips will enhance your yard for both you and your favorite doggies.

Proper fencing

First and foremost, proper fencing is a must. It’s the best way to keep your canine companions safe from cars, wild animals, and the Cruella De Vils of the world.
What’s the best fence to safely corral dogs? Well, it depends on your pet. If your dog is a jumper, think high. A digger? You may need to implant a footer to discourage tunneling. An anxious dog who barks at everything may be calmer with a solid wood or vinyl fence, so they don’t see every falling leaf and scurrying squirrel.

Safe water features

Does your yard contain a pool, pond, or fountain? Better make sure it’s dog-safe. Proper pool fencing keeps both unsupervised kids and dogs out of the water. A splash fountain keeps your dog hydrated. But standing water, such as small ponds, can pose dangers. Algae can make your dog sick, or worse. Hot weather is the worst for toxic algae growth. So be sure to keep any standing water totally clean.
Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog
Remember to keep a bowl of clean water outside if your dog spends a lot of time in the yard.

Dog runs

So, how do you share your yard with Queenie when she lives to trample your prize-winning dahlias? Building a dog run gives Queenie her own space in the yard. She said to tell you, the bigger the better because she needs room to move.

Give me shelter

Many dogs like to be out in all kinds of weather, but that doesn’t mean they want the rain making their tails a sopping mess. Nor do they enjoy the sun burning their tender noses. A dog house or covered area of the yard will let them oversee their territory without getting wet or burned.

Porthole in fence

How can a dog tend his territory if he doesn’t know what’s going on in the neighborhood? A porthole in the fence helps Mr. Fluffy keep tabs on human, canine, and feline neighbors.
We’ve even seen some cute online kits that make your dog look like an astronaut when viewed from outside the fence.

Tips from the Pro’s

No one knows what pooches love most other than dog owners! We reached out to some dog lover for their favorite tips and tricks!
Plush grass – The best way to improve your lawn is to mow frequently, ensuring that no more than 1/3rd of the blade tip is trimmed at one time, water in the early morning, and keep it fed with the proper fertilizer on a quarterly basis.
This will allow the grass to fill in, green up, and provide a plush area for your dog to play and lounge in.

Molly at
We have two small dogs under 18 lbs, and live in a wooded area with some predators like hawks and coyotes, we make sure they are never left outside alone. Whether it’s working in the garden, or mowing the lawn, we are always outside with them and they are not too far away from us.
Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog
The other tip is that since they are a brachycephalic breed, in the summer months we are sure to put out 2 to 3 bowls of fresh water with ice cubes in shaded areas around the yard so they have access to cool water when they need to cool down.

Lindsay at
Just by being outside with the dogs, actively working on new training cues like come and stay. You can get creative with homemade or store-bought agility equipment, nosework setups and toys. The most important part of your dog’s backyard is YOU!
Kayla at
I like to add “doggie areas” that have special features for your pet. In particular, designated digging areas are super popular. You can build a little sandbox and bury toys or treats in there, encouraging your dog to dig in the loose sand instead of in your nice, soft, garden soil. It’s also important to avoid planting anything that’s toxic to dogs. Some plants, like lavender, are actually soothing for dogs (and people) and can add a lot, too!
Joy at
It is no secret that dogs love to run, chase balls and just hang out in the yard! We like to keep our yards stocked with plenty of toys, a small pool (if you live where it gets hot in the summer) and some food in case our best friends get hungry. If your backyard has an iron fence we recommend adding some privacy trees or shrubs so Fido can’t get loose in the neighborhood!
Joan at
I would ensure that the yard was “dog-friendly.” Meaning, the vegetation couldn’t cause harm to the dog, there was plenty of room for the dog to enjoy the great outdoors safely, and there was enough enrichment provided so the dog was motivated to stay on the property, as opposed to wanting to escape. Even for homes with smaller yards, providing enrichment activities such as scavenger hunts can fuel enthusiasm, giving the dog a great mental energy outlet.
Sheri at
Last week my 5 pound Yorkie chased a black bear out of our backyard that was hiding in a bush on the property. Although she thought it was great fun, it was actually a very scary situation for me. So, I think it’s super important to always check your backyard for predators before allowing your pup to run free.
John at
We have consulted with some of the biggest dog lovers for their tips and tricks about making your backyard a doggy paradise.
Plush grass – You need to mow your lawn frequently and ensure that no more than 1/3rd of the blade is trimmed at. Also, water your lawn early in the morning and feed it with a suitable fertilizer.
Keep your dogs company – If you have a bit smaller dogs (18 lbs) and live in a wooded area, you need to ensure that your dogs are safe outside. Be with them and don’t let them go far away from you, otherwise, big predators might harm them.
Doggie areas –Adding specially designed areas that have dog stuff and special features for your dog is great. You can build a sandbox, or add some favorable plants like lavender. This make your dog more happy and in a better environment.
Toys – Keep your dog toys in the yard so that your dog can always use them and play with them. Also, your dog will tell you when it wants to play with the toys so that you can spend some time with it.

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