Why are we called Buzz Custom Fence? Why do we have a bee on our logo?

In 1997, when deciding on a name for our Dallas-Fort Worth fence company, we wanted a name that would describe our customer service philosophy and express our slogan, “We Promise a Lot and Deliver More.” We wanted to convey a new attitude in the service industry, and in particular the fence industry. We wanted to set ourselves apart and provide our residential and commercial clients with more than expected each and every time.

As we thought about the method of work we identify with, the industrious bee came to mind and the name “Buzz Custom Fence” was born! Obviously a bee is known for the “buzz” sound we hear but also for the importance of each member to the survival and success of the hive. We believe that each member of the team is critical to the success of your job being done right, the FIRST time. Every member at Buzz Fence is dedicated to the success of every job and ultimately the success of the company itself.

“We Promise a Lot and Deliver More” is something we can only accomplish if everyone works together toward a common goal, much like bees do in a hive. Alone, one bee can do nothing, but together they can accomplish amazing things. We are working continuously to find new ways that we can provide you with the most innovative and cost-effective options for all your fencing needs.

As Buzz Custom Fence we have had phenomenal growth, and we have been proud of the numerous awards we have received. We are the “Buzz” in the industry on a local, regional and, now, national basis. So the next time you hear the expression “What’s the buzz about” remember us, our story, and the swarm of team members we provide to make your project a positive and successful endeavor.