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As fans of home-improvement shows have noticed, bringing exterior wood materials indoors has been trending for some time now. Waco residents Chip and Joanna Gaines, of “Fixer Upper” fame, brought shiplap walls to the mainstream. And as that trend begins to wane going into 2021, there’s no shortage of new ideas to take its place.

Wood is still popular both inside and outside the home as a natural material. While you plot your next wooden accent wall, Buzz Custom Fence can transform your exterior wood fence throughout Texas. We have our pulse on the latest trends — all of which are heading towards luxurious and modern.

Cedar Fencingcedar fence

It just so happens that the most popular wood for exterior fences is our favorite: cedar.

This wood can handle heat, rain and weather like no other. It’s also insect resistant and requires little maintenance outside of treating or staining every couple of years.

Left untreated, cedar can last 15-30 years. You can extend your fence’s life to 40 years if you simply treat it. In comparison, treated pine and spruce only last 20 years.

The best way to get the most life out of your cedar fence is to make sure moisture stays out. So you’ll want to stain and paint, then re-stain every two years and paint every four years for maximum longevity.

Horizontal Fencing

In recent years, horizontal wood fencing has exploded in popularity. Nearly a quarter of all quotes at Buzz are for horizontal designs.

Who knew that simply changing the orientation of a fence can mean the difference between stale and fresh? Horizontal fences create a high-end, luxurious design that works well with many types of homes, including modern, farmhouse and colonial architecture.

The best part is how highly customizable these fences are. Board-on-board is installed tightly for the greatest level of privacy and safety for your children and pets. Alternately, you can add half an inch of distance between planks for an open look that also allows for wind and sightlines.

Another way to get creative and unique with your horizontal fence is by using planks of different widths.

For the most high-end look, homeowners are choosing more expensive hardwoods because of the natural grain that runs through the planks. Alternately, softwoods such as pine, redwood and cedar are also popular and with darker stains can highlight grain and beauty.

Lattice/Basket Weave Fencing

Buzz has also been fielding requests for lattice or basket-weave fences to create beautiful, intricate fence designs for homeowners.

These styles are popular as fence trim and add a touch of artistry. Wooden lattice trim can also set off a cozy area on the property, like a party patio. Due to the shape, lattice is a natural anchor for creating a green fence. Pair with wisteria, grapes or other vining plants for extending a garden and even more privacy!

One caveat: When adding lattice work to the top of an existing fence, you’ll need to check city regulations to make sure it falls within fence height limits.

Shadowbox Fencing

Another popular request at Buzz is shadowbox fencing, which is similar to board-on-board, but provides a more attractive fence for the homeowner and neighbor.

How it works: Instead of nailing all the panels to one side of the frame, our contractors alternate sides. This way no one has to look at the “ugly side” of the fence. This neighbor-friendly style works on both vertical and horizontal fences. Going Dutch on a fence happens often and Buzz is happy to accommodate neighbors that want to pay equally.

One of the biggest benefits of this style of fence is that it can withstand wind better than other privacy fences. The nature of the alternating panels creates a gap that in turn lets in a gentle breeze on those hot summer days.

Buzz Is Here to Help

Now that you know more about the fencing trends in Texas, you can turn to Buzz to help make your privacy fence the envy of the neighborhood.

The future is bright for wood fencing and paneling — both inside and outside the home.

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