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To many relatively handy people, building a fence looks pretty easy. You just stick the posts in the ground, right?
Well, there’s a little bit more to it than that.
Potential customers often wonder if they should build a fence themselves or call in the pros at Buzz Custom Fence. So we’ve devised this quiz to help you decide your best course of action. Answer these questions honestly. Then get building or call us, depending on your answers.

fence do-it-yourself vs. professional
Flickr/Daniel M. Hendricks

What’s the purpose of the fence?

Are you planning a small, decorative fence around a garden patch? Most handy people can accomplish this as a weekend project. But if you’re planning a high-security fence or a noise-blocking wall, call in the pros. And if you’re one of those people with an exotic tiger reserve in your backyard, please, please get professional help. In multiple senses of the phrase.

Do you have the skills?

Be honest. Do you have basic design and carpentry skills? Are you good at digging holes?

How big is the job (and how much time do you have?)

People usually underestimate, rather than overestimate, the time it takes to do DIY projects. A big fence will take a long time to build.

Do you have access to the tools?

Most non-professionals don’t have all the tools required to mix concrete, dig post holes, stretch chain link fabric, etc. You can rent these tools, but factor rental costs into your decision about going DIY vs hiring pros.

Is somebody willing to help you?

Building fences is much easier with two or more people. If your DIY buddies want to come over and help, great. Going it alone will be much tougher.

Ready for a new fence?

Do you have a good understanding of your terrain?

If your property is rocky or has soil and drainage issues, a DIY project will be less successful and less enjoyable.

Does building a fence sound like an enjoyable activity?

Some people love to spend weekends, evenings and any other spare moment improving their homes. These DIY warriors get great satisfaction from these projects. Others would rather golf, shop, travel or nap. Life is short. Decide the most meaningful ways for you to spend your time.


Thanks for taking our quiz. If you answered yes to all or most of questions 2 through 6, you will love building your own fence. Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out.