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dog runWhether your fence is looking a little boring, or you want to improve your old fence until you’re ready to build a new one, fence add-ons can help. Check out all the customization available at Buzz Custom Fence. We provide opportunities to make your fence more attractive, useful, and appropriate for your yard and lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular ways to tweak your fence.

A/C Covers

Many of our customers here in Texas have outside air conditioner units. While we love that cold air – especially in August – these monsters can be a tad unsightly. Surrounding them with a mini fence that matches your main fence is an aesthetically pleasing solution. A lattice screen is also a good idea, since the holes in the lattice let hot air escape from the unit.

Pool Equipment Screens

backyard shed
You know what else we like in Texas? Our swimming pools. But again, that pump, filter and heater aren’t going to win any beauty contests. A fence or shed around your pool equipment also lessens the noise of keeping your pool comfortable.
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Extra Wide Gates

Did we mention we’re Texans? Well, we like things big here. It ruins our day when our F650 Supertruck gets stuck in a pathetic driveway gate made for a Smart Car.

Dog Run

Man’s best friend deserves room to stretch his or her legs. And at Buzz, we don’t believe in chaining our dog like a criminal. With his own dog run, Fido can exercise or rest to his heart’s content.
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We also believe in providing Spot with a view. How will a self-respecting watchdog feel if she can’t see what’s on the other side of the fence? Installing an acrylic bubble gives your dog a window on the world.

Separate Section

There are lots of reasons for not having just one big, open yard. Separate sections provide your yard with meaning and purpose. Such as this fence means keep out of the vegetable garden. Separate sections are great for containing pets and children.

Fence Extension

Did you bring a pet kangaroo home from your trip to Australia? Less exotic pets can also jump fences. Last we heard, the world’s record for highest jumping dog was 68 inches, set by a greyhound named Cinderella May in 2006. If your fence can’t contain your pets, you might need a fence extension. These are also good for keeping unwanted critters out of your yard, too. Be sure to check with local ordinances to make sure your height will still be in compliance.


Whether it’s welding a tuba to a fence, or painting a mural, some homeowners see a fence as a blank canvas demanding expression. We think a few finials can look nice.

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Privacy Screen

Sometimes a lovely open-design fence can leave you feeling a bit exposed. Especially if a new building goes up inches from your kitchen window, or new neighbors move in that leave you feeling less than warm and fuzzy. Privacy screens are wood or plastic lattice that will block the view through your fence.


If you have a good, solid wood fence, a small to mid-sized vertical wall planter makes an attractive addition. Choose the right plant depending on the amount of sun you get. Because a dead plant in the planter looks worse than no plant at all.
Add-ons not enough? Ready for a major fence makeover? Call your friends at Buzz and we’ll get to work on a fence that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.