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spring flowers for backyard

At Buzz, we think a fence’s best friend is an attractive yard. And with Spring in the air, it’s time to get started on the gorgeous garden your fence deserves. This week we’ll talk about how to prepare your yard for Spring, and some early vegetables and flowers that will make your property look terrific.

Preparing your garden for a Texas Springtime

Many plants die back in winter, so your yard still may look like a blank canvas in early Spring. This is the ideal time to tidy up what’s there. Cut back any perennials, straighten your herbaceous borders, get rid of remaining leaves and fallen branches and weed, weed, weed. Remember, you want to yank those suckers before they grow big and tough, or, worse, go to seed.

Consider your soil. Could it use a healthy boost of compost? This is a good time to decide if you’re going to do all the work yourself or outsource some of it. For example, maybe you’d enjoy planting seeds more than hauling heavy, smelly buckets of compost or bags of fertilizer.

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What to plant?

If you’re new to gardening, start with beans. They’re one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and late March/early April is the time to plant them. Other good Springtime veggies include corn, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. For fruit, think melons.

Pick the sunniest spot in your yard. Veggie plants like to sunbathe for 10 hours a day. Plant your vegetables in raised beds for good drainage.

As for flowers, early April is a good time to plant moss roses, cosmos, zinnias, marigolds, trailing lantana, purslane and purple fountain grass. These all enjoy the sun. If you have shady spots of the yard, try impatiens, coleus, elephant ears, and begonias.

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How’s that fence?

Now we’d never want your garden to overtake the glory of your fence. Need repairs or an upgrade? Call your friends at Buzz today.