How Your Gate Functions Determines Design

Buzz designs gates for a variety of properties and purposes and the combination of materials and features can be overwhelming. Gates can serve vehicular traffic or pedestrians, be opened manually, automated via solar and electric, controlled via a keypad, smartphone app, require payment before opening (i.e. parking garage) and more.

Gates are functional and in general, how your gate will be used, where it is located and the purpose of the gate are primary factors that affect the design. Functionality can even determine how your gate will open, whether it should slide, swing or be a double gate. Budget requirements are another factor and at Buzz, we take into consideration your installation and maintenance budget. With all of these options available, gate installation is best left to a professional contractor.

Farm & Ranch Gates

Brick Iron Driveway Gate for Private Ranch
Farm and ranch properties have several unique challenges that affect the gate design. Wide gate entrances help large farm trucks and machinery enter and exit. Wireless solar gates are preferred, since getting power to open gates can be difficult for remote areas. Many ranches are family-owned and gates serve as a grand entrance. Buzz loves to customize gates for farmers and ranch owners. We often include monograms, ranch brands and design embellishments to highlight the important history of a property.

Condo & Apartment Gates

Private Neighborhood Gate
Gated neighborhoods often require an elegant entrance that reflects the character and material of the home construction. A functional requirement are gates that allow for constant traffic flow. For this reason, neighborhoods, condos and apartment complexes tend to choose double swing or slide gates. This allows for outbound and oncoming traffic to enter and exit quickly. Many of these properties also require security, yet advanced access control. Intercom call boxes and key-fobs allow for only residents and verified guests to enter properties.

Driveway Gates

stone pillars aluminum gate
Residential driveway gates have certain width requirements to allow for car, truck and SUV access. Spacing requirements also determine how close to the road and other structures a gate can be installed. Finally, driveway slope is another factor that could require an inward, outward swing or slide gate. Other than these restrictions, homeowners can choose from a variety of gate styles, materials and automation options. Whether you need an affordable option for a back driveway gate or want to increase curb appeal, Buzz can help. Upscale features are pillars of stone or brick and mixed materials such as iron and cedar for a trendy look. Many homeowners also choose a monogram, logo or lone-star for a classic Texas option.

Commercial Gates

High-Traffic Vehicle Gate for Condominium
Commercial gates tend to receive more vehicle traffic than residential gates. If multiple vehicles are entering and exiting at a time, a double sliding gate allows for the quickest entrance. In addition, sliding gates cannot be forced open when closed and are more secure. A final benefit, a swing gate can cause vehicle damage and expose a business to a liability. They are also more expensive to maintain and repair in the long run. Advanced access control features with backup power sources and higher-end components are other common requests. Reinforced hinges, gate actuator arms, and tamper-proof gate operators for a black metal gate is the most popular commercial gate option.

Ornamental Metal Gate Design Options

The following are pattern options for wrought iron and aluminum gates. Buzz also offers a variety of finials, from ball post caps, pyramid caps, fleur-de-lis, triad and more. Finials are wrought iron and top each vertical post, creating a timeless design enhancement.

western driveway gate