At Buzz Custom Fence, we offer a variety of design and functional add-ons to make your fence and gate unique. After all, custom is part of our name! Features can be added to an existing fence or incorporated into the design of a new installation.

When choosing fence or gate add-on features, define the purpose of your fence:

  • Are you needing a secure fence?
  • Are you looking to keep out the neighbors with privacy and soundproofing?
  • Is the fence for a sport and important to the game?
  • Is the fence for livestock and animal protection?
  • Do you have pets and/or children and require secure access?
  • Is the fence to enhance curb appeal and you want a specific look?

Once you define the purpose of a fence, choose a fence material. Depending on your selection of a material, not all add-ons will be compatible.

A final consideration is how much of an add-on is necessary and where in your project should it be placed? Keep in mind that add-ons are an extra expense. It can make sense to only have the feature at the front of the house, while the backyard would be a simple barrier. Talk to Buzz, our team can confirm where and how often a feature should be included.