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Although Buzz Custom Fence specializes in residential fencing and gates, we also install perimeter fencing for security. Over the years, our team has installed fencing systems for railroads, prisons, airports, zoos, industrial warehouses and more. At the most basic level, fencing is designed to contain and to keep out, to provide safety and to prevent crime.

A Neighborhood Bordering a Railroad Track in San Antonio, Texas

For one homeowner, there was a stark contrast before fencing was installed around the Union Pacific Railroad and after.

I live in the Whispering Oaks Subdivision in San Antonio, Texas. A UPRR line runs behind my home and along one side of our subdivision. The easement is also shared with the City of San Antonio (COSA) water and electric utilities. I moved to Whispering Oaks in 2014.  Not long after I joined the neighborhood, I began working with UPRR in order to mitigate trespassing, dumping and other issues we experienced due to the many access points of the track and its intersection with Dreamland Street. 

The situation began to escalate with vehicles, ATV’s, gun shots, dumping of materials and animal carcassess and even robberies of businesses that were skirted by the tracks.  Thieves would drive and park at Dreamland, positioning them for a quick getaway and they were successful. 

Fast forward and I am very happy to report that after all this time, all four access points of the track at Dreamland were made secure in the last two weeks and it’s a beautiful sight! 

The Challenge – Access and Security Needed in a Fence Design

Buzz Custom Fence installed a 10 foot tall chain link fence to surround the railroad line. Four secure gates were incorporated to allow for access from the City of San Antonio.

security chain link fence

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