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One of the many purposes of a good fence is providing safety. In the case of a job site, the purpose is usually to keep trespassers out so they don’t hurt themselves. Kids, especially, are fascinated by construction tools and may be tempted to wander inside and take a look around. So along with all the other measures you’re expected to take – proper ladders, goggles, head protection, and hazard communication – fencing is part of your safety equipment.

Temporary Fencing

At many sites, the need for a fence is only temporary. Lightweight options include rolls of plastic fencing. These usually come in bright colors, like lemon yellow and safety orange. This type of fencing is often only four feet high, so it serves as more of a boundary than a reliable barrier.
For something a little sturdier – and taller– contact a company that rents lightweight chain link fence. Usually they’ll anchor it with sandbags for stability. Some companies offer three-strand barbed wire on their temporary chain link fencing, and a privacy screen to keep out prying eyes.
Temporary fencing may be your best solution for these situations:

  • Temporary job or construction site
  • Paving or landscaping projects
  • Home remodeling
  • Crowd Control or a special event
  • Disaster relief work

Long-term Safety

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Once you enjoy the advantages of a fence, you may find them hard to give up. There’s something peaceful about a solid delineation between your workplace and the outside world. If you decide you need longer term security at your job site, give us a call. We’ll customize your fence according to your individual needs.
The materials used in security fencing differ from ordinary fencing. They may include:

  • chain link
  • welded mesh
  • woven wire mesh
  • knotted wire
  • expanded metal

Usually we top security fences with perp-thwarting add-ons such as anti-climb spikes, razor wire, concertina coils or barbed wire. At Buzz, we know how to build an aesthetically appealing fence that still lets trespassers know you mean business. Contact us today!

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