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Buzz Custom Fence opened a Phoenix Arizona branch in 2020. Since expanding, we’ve already had opportunities to install stellar quality fencing in the community. One example is this six case study, which features a six foot tall vinyl fence in one of the area’s new developments.

Initial Inspection of the Property Line

The property was a new construction home bought in a development with homes worth $750,000 and up. The customer wanted a special fence for her property, and we went with one of the best options available—a Veranda Reimer Style vinyl fence. This style of fence promised plenty of privacy for the customer’s yard while adding some aesthetic value as well.

Sean (visiting the area) and Geno Padilla made the initial assessment, after which the customer signed a week later for 130 linear feet of fence. An additional 38 feet of fence were added to the order in March.

Building the Fence

Materials were ordered through Master Halco, and the job was completed on the 25th of April. The final result consisted of 12 sections of fence with four gates. Between Alex, Tony, and Geno Padilla, the installation process only took a few hours, and the end results outline the property beautifully!

Future Prospects

Of course, there’s still more to be done. The home is in an open range area, which means there’s a constant possibility of local livestock making their way through the customer’s property. To keep the cows out, we’re looking at some additional pine dowel two-rail fence out front. This particular style of fence fits the overall look of the home while also serving the needed function of keeping the property cattle-free.

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Whether you’re a homeowner, operating a business, or a property developer in Phoenix, quality fencing and gates are a must. At Buzz Custom Fence, we offer a wide range of vinyl, cast iron, aluminum, and wooden fencing and gate options for privacy, security, and general aesthetic appeal. We’re happy to serve customers throughout the region with the highest quality fencing available, so contact us to get started!