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It’s now officially springtime when everybody likes to get outside and play in their yards. Which means it’s also time to brainstorm your dream fence. What upgrades will you make for 2018? Here are a few ideas:


Maybe your fence is looking good – except for that pesky missing section. As one of our customers in Mansfield, Texas said about us, “I had a tree fall on my house from a storm, which destroyed part of my wrought iron fence. They replaced an 8 ft. panel and painted it, excellent job!” If you’re in a similar situation, or maybe your repair is more minor, we’re happy to help you, too.

Keep peace between dogs.

Not many people know this about us, but we are major peacemakers in the canine world. Here’s what a homeowner in Denton said about our services: “We needed new fencing due to our dogs not getting along with the neighbor’s dog. And plus the fence just truly needed to be replaced. We called Buzz…Jay was out there the next day to give us an estimate. We did call two other places but they were FAR more expensive. So we went with Buzz and couldn’t be happier. We got the board on board fencing needed so our dogs couldn’t see the neighbor’s dogs and vice versa.” See? We’re expecting a call from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee any day now.

Help save the earth.

Ever thought about going solar? In a sunny state like Texas, solar is often a good answer. Buzz will give you a free estimate and help you decide if a solar gate is right for you.

Beautify your entryway.

When guests come to visit, do they even notice your gate? Many entryways are bland and utilitarian. If you want a gate with more pizazz, we can design one especially for you.

Add security to your gate.

Whether you’re looking to keep your kids safely inside or intruders out, Buzz has the answers. For securing dogs and children, Buzz recommends inward opening gates. If a latch is accidentally left unlocked, this gate design makes escape more difficult. We also offer a variety of gate latches, including gravity, spring-loaded or bolt latches.

Be one of a kind.

Want to stay ten leaps ahead of the Joneses? The Buzz design team will gladly create something just for you. As a property manager in Arlington said about us, “We needed a new fence for our duplex. We asked for an unusual type of fence but Buzz satisfied our needs completely. Super company to do business with.”

Add a pergola.

Need a little shade for your outdoor seating area? Buzz builds outstanding pergolas combining beauty and function.

Make your yard a s’more destination.

How about a backyard fire pit? If you like to entertain, nothing beats a fire pit for chatting, drinking wine, toasting marshmallows or singing along while a guest strums the guitar.

Better gate entry system.

Please don’t tell us you’re still manually opening a drive gate. Step out of the dinosaur era and into 2018 with an automated drive gate.

Geek out on your phone.

Since smartphones control everything nowadays, why not your gate? We can help you set up a system where you can open, close, and monitor your gates via smartphone.

Buzz wants to help you make all your 2018 fence dreams come true. Give us a call today!