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Have you ever wished you had fewer plants to maintain and more space for relaxation and entertaining your friends? If so, maybe it’s time to pave some of that grass and make a killer patio, fire pit or outdoor kitchen. We’ve never had a customer yet tell us that while they’re out grilling a burger they got nostalgic for mowing that lost lawn.
D/FW raised patio
So to celebrate June, with the beginning of summer just around the corner, let’s look at the benefits of paving part of your yard.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen or Patio

  • Versatile ways to add more living area. Whether you like your patio elevated like a stage or sunken like a mini-amphitheater, we can design a space you’ll love. A wall around a sunken patio adds privacy.
  • We often hear customers say food just tastes better when it’s cooked and eaten outside. Ever had potatoes cooked in a fire pit? Peppers? Pork chops? S’mores? All proof that the outdoor cooking superiority statement is true.
  • Do you like gardening, but only so much? A patio is perfect for container gardening. Instead of having to weed the whole yard, or build raised beds, fill a few pots with premium soil and stick in some tomato and pepper plants for the easiest crop ever.
  • Easy maintenance. You read that part about not having so much lawn to mow if you add a patio, right? Stone patios are durable and stand up to the elements because, well, they’re made out of stone. Throw a little weed control between the cracks once a year, and call it good.
  • Ups your home value. If you expect to one day sell your home, a patio is a desirable feature. If not, you can still enjoy making your neighbors envious.

Ready for a new fence?

Outdoor living spaces are ideal for entertaining friends and neighbors or enjoying a little solitude and fresh air after your work day. At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re happy to help with all your brick and stone needs. We’ll have you barbecuing in summer and warming yourself by the fire pit come fall and winter. Give us a call today and we’ll talk about your new outdoor space.