At Buzz Custom Fence, we are passionate about combining security with stunning, yet functional design. Meet with a member of our design team to create the perfect gate for your home or business.

Choosing a Gate Material

What do you want your gate to be made out of? All of our gates are designed for strength. Your gate may match your fence – it could be wrought ironaluminumvinyl or wood – or you may opt for a contrasting material. Perhaps cedar with iron bars would be the most beautiful solution. You can further customize a gate with wrought iron finials, pewter or glass decorations. We will help you assess the durability and practicality of these materials, as well as their aesthetic value. And since all of our gates are custom fit to a driveway, they will always work beautifully.

Choosing How a Gate Opens

How your gate opens is important for convenience and maintenance. Depending on the gate purpose and location, not all options will be possible. Buzz will work with your budget and requirements to choose a gate that looks and opens to your situation.

Swinging gates are a classic design and are common for manually powered operation. Automating a swinging gate is fine for homeowners, but for an apartment complex or business, swinging gates can damage vehicles and block sidewalks. Swinging gates can be inward or outward, depending on obstructions and security requirements. Double swinging gates are another option and when automated, create a grand entrance. Double swing gates do have more moving parts than a single swing gate and can cost more in installation and maintenance.

Sliding gates are ideal for commercial properties, especially when vehicles are entering and exiting at the same time. Sliding gates also take up less space and are compatible with heavier gate materials such as wrought iron and steel. Double sliding gates allow for the fastest entry and exit, although maintenance can be an issue.

Vertical pivot gates are a third option, typically used for high-security commercial applications: power stations, military bases, etc.  When in a closed position, it is one of the more secure types of gates.

Before and After of Driveway Gate Projects

before after driveway cedar

before after driveway gate vehicle

Going Automatic

For a driveway, automation is the most popular option. Once you experience the convenience of automation, you will never want to park and manually open a gate again. Generally, three power sources are available for automation: electricitysolar and battery.

Solar Powered Driveway Gates

The Texas sun is one of our most precious resources, and it’s free. Solar automation is growing in popularity and not just with the environmentally conscious. New solar gate systems are more durable and can withstand frequent use, making solar an option for residential and commercial applications. Solar automation is more expensive up front than electric, but incentives do exist. Homeowners can receive a 30% federal tax credit on solar gate installation costs and the price of panels has come way down. Buzz will work with you to determine if solar is an option for your property. Learn more about our solar powered gates.

Electric Powered Driveway Gates

Electric gate openers are cheaper to install and reliable. Solar requires direct sunlight and the panels need to be regularly cleaned to charge a battery. A solar charge may not keep up with gate demand – depending on traffic, weather and panel size. Buzz recommends electric as a backup and the systems we install are often compatible with solar and electric. Learn more about electric automated gates.

We Do Gates

See what our customers are saying:

Homeowner in Bedford, TX
Their service was excellent. Rather than replacing the gate with something that was prefabricated, they replaced it with a custom built gate. That seems to be standard for this company. Highly recommend!
Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX
The fence is attractive, and the 7 foot arched gate adds the interesing detail I wanted. I have been very pleased with the entire experience.
Apartment Complex in Fort Worth, TX
The gate was installed in 2010 by another contractor. It was not installed right and they came out several times but never fixed the problems. Later they would not answer my calls. I am very happy with BUZZ CUSTOM FENCE. They came twice and got the gate fixed completely.