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Wings of Wonder

Buzz Custom Fence continues to work with the Dallas Zoo on fencing for pedestrian walkways and animal exhibits. View our previous work several years ago, highlighted in this case study.

In addition to prisons and airports, building a perimeter fence for a zoo requires a high level of security, material quality and craftsmanship. Believe it or not, the most dangerous issue in a zoo is behavior of guests and visitors. In recent years, an increasing number of the public have ignored signs and rules, entering zoo enclosures and habitats.

Buzz Custom Fence works closely with the Zoo to design fencing that allows for animal viewing, while limiting illegal entry of pedestrians. It’s a balance to provide security for guests, while allowing for animal interaction.

  • Walkway fence was installed in front of a new Wings of Wonder enclosure for vultures, to provide guest safety.
  • Recently, our fencing contractors constructed a fence to help guide Giraffes traveling from their main habitat to the barn for sleeping. We further enclosed a water tower for the animals.
  • Buzz also helped in expanding fencing for a goat and duck enclosure. In this case, children and adults are encouraged to pet animals.
  • Our team further created animal corrals with fencing and gates to move animals in and out of barn areas.

Buzz installed cedar fencing in different styles for all recent projects. As always, there are unique challenges to building fence and gates for a zoo. Contractors were required to work next to animals and not disrupt their life or cause any undo stress. All while working quickly because the areas where we work would have to be shut off from the public for safety reasons.