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lattice fenceThink about it. If you were somebody who was too lazy to get a job, preferring to steal other people’s hard-earned stuff, how much effort would you want to exert in climbing over a fence? We’re guessing you’d rather saunter up to some poor trusting soul’s house, let yourself in through their unlocked back door, make yourself a sandwich, snooze on their couch, then abscond with their TV and however many jewels you can fit in your pockets.
Meanwhile, your neighbor with the fence and locked door will come home at the end of the day, watch her favorite shows and find her earrings right where she left them.
So, what should you look for in a security fence? Here are five tips. 


A short fence is better than no fence, but most thieves don’t want to heft your TV over a six-footer. Depending on zoning laws and the contents of your castle, you might even want to go higher.


What’s good for privacy isn’t always good for security. Why? Because if a thief does breach your fortress, an opaque fence provides cover for his heinous deeds. Instead, fences made of vertical aluminum bars or chain link afford perps no hiding places.

Surround your property

From a security standpoint, surrounding your entire home with a tall fence is optimal. But many people find this unattractive, un-neighborly, or conflicting with their HOA code. So perhaps you can split the difference, with a taller fence around the backyard and a four-foot fence around the front. Having to open and enter a gate – or hop the fence – is a mental deterrent, makes it harder to sneak around unnoticed and prevents a quick getaway. Bonus points for gates that lock.


If you think villains will be willing to climb your tall fence to get your goodies, make it even harder by constructing a fence made from anti-climb materials. Thieves won’t be able to get a hand, let alone a foot, in this tightly woven mesh.

Ready for a new fence

Add Fearsome Finials

Think back to history class. Do you remember reading about heads displayed on spikes? Well, we’re not suggesting you go that far in deterring criminals. Skip the heads, but consider the spikes.
Nothing like spear top finials to make a thief look for a different fence to climb – he’ll suddenly find himself thinking more about his family jewels than your family’s jewels. If you’re fencing a ranch or industrial site, or really want to tick off your neighbors, consider barbed wire or razor wire to make a “keep out” statement. 

Proof from the Pros

Security experts around the world know the value of a good fence. If you want to keep burglars out of your home make sure you are protected by a good fence and see what the pro’s have to say!


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Become familiar with entrances, exits, doors and windows and the security or lack or security of each. If you determine the locks are non-existent of insufficient, notify the landlord or facilities manager. Be sure to get to know your office neighbors and ask questions in regards to the overall security of the area.

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