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Eco-Stone Backyard Fence with Retaining Wall

September 25 is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. As we all know by now, fitness means exercise. But you don’t have to run for miles or haul yourself to a crowded, sweat-soaked gym. Instead, why not exercise in your own backyard? You’ll save time, skip the commute, and, if you have a privacy fence, you won’t have to watch other grunting exercisers or have them stare at you. This week we’ll brainstorm a few ideas for an effective backyard workout.

Bodyweight workouts

Bodyweight exercises use a person’s own weight to resist gravity, thus providing strength training. For instance, a push-up, lunge or squat is a bodyweight exercise. If you’ve ever gone to a boot camp class, you’ve probably encountered challenging bodyweight exercises like burpees and mountain climbers that combine strength with getting your heart rate up. But there’s no end to the variety and challenge of bodyweight exercises. If your regular routine gets ho-hum, check out these unusually hard moves courtesy of the American Council on Exercise.

Small resistance equipment

It’s possible to drag your whole bench and weight rack out to the yard, and this might be okay if you have a sheltered area. But weather can be tough on metal and you don’t want your barbells and heavy plates getting rusty. Instead, think small and portable. Resistance tubes and bands are some of the lightest-weight exercise equipment, and can provide a full-body workout.  Or carry out some small weights, a kettlebell or medicine ball and do a high-rep routine.

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Cardio equipment

More interested in improving your cardiovascular health than your muscle tone? The size and layout of your yard can help you determine cardio possibilities. If you have a nice, flat patio, try jumping rope. Want to cultivate your inner kid? Get a trampoline. If you have children, maybe you’ll share. Or drag that stationary bike out of the basement and set it up in the backyard where the view is better. Again, beware rust. A bike will be happier in a covered area of your yard.

Your fence is your friend

If you feel a bit too on display in your yard, maybe you need a fence. Or a better fence that will provide more privacy, such as one made from cedar pickets.  Not sure what’s right for you? No worries. At Buzz, our design team will quickly come up with some solutions that will work for you, your yard and your fitness regimen.

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