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Adding a patio is like gaining another room for your home – but even better. It’s an outdoor room where you can barbecue, sunbathe, have friends over for a beer and decorate with all your favorite plants. If you’re thinking of adding or revamping a patio, here are a few things to consider.

Patio Location

Perhaps the most important decision is where you’ll locate your new patio. There may be an obvious choice. Or, if you are blessed with a big parcel of land, you might have many possibilities.
Do you visualize a sunny patio or a shady one? A patio on the east or south side of your house will be warmer in fall and spring but may be too hot in the summer. Northern patios are shadier in summer, but might be too chilly to use much in winter.
Also, consider privacy. If your neighbor’s windows look directly onto your new addition, it could put a crimp in your sunbathing style.


The activities you envision doing in your space should dictate the size. If you’re dreaming of a sunny little spot to hide out and read a book, then a cozy, intimate patio is ideal. However, if you dream of hosting grand outdoor dinner parties, you’ll need plenty of space. A table that seats six people needs about 144 square feet of patio to feel comfortable, whereas a 12-seater table requires at least double that size.

Shape and Surface

Patio design possibilities are endless. Straight edges will give your patio a crisp, precise feel, while curves will look softer. You can combine straight lines and curves in the shape of your patio, or in the design of bricks or stones. Aesthetics are totally subjective, so we suggest browsing home magazines, books and Pinterest to find your preferred patio looks. Our design experts are always happy to help.

Ready for a new fence?


Adding structures to part of your backyard can solve problems that might arise. A wooden screen adds privacy and blocks wind. A pergola or similar overhead structure protects you from burning sun or light rain. If your backyard is buggy, a screened-in gazebo could provide relief from mosquitos.

Adding Your Own Style

Once you’ve chosen your basic design, you can further personalize. A trail of stepping stones leading from the house, some special pieces of garden art or your favorite potted plants in colorful pots will make your patio uniquely yours. At Buzz Custom Fence, we love to help people design a pretty, fun patio that they will enjoy for years. Call us today if you’re in the market for your very own new patio.