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puppy proof fence

At Buzz, we understand how much people love their pets – whether we’re talking about dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas or miniature hedgehogs. Well, especially cats and dogs, so that’s what we’ll focus on today.
How can you use fencing to improve life for your little furry guy or gal? A lot of ways. Used right, fencing boosts the quality of life for your favorite household critters.
Important note: The fun images in this post are not our projects, but examples of customizations we’d be happy to do for your treasured pet.

Portholes in fences for dogs

You know what really bugs dogs? When they hear and smell something interesting just beyond the fence line, but they can’t see it. So how about adding a porthole? This durable acrylic dome gives Fido a view. It might even deter him from jumping the fence – unless he really likes what he sees on the other side.
dog port hole in fence
Dog Porthole
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Dog Fence Window Screen

The dog fence window screen is a different solution to the same problem of not being able to see what’s outside the fence. The advantage of the screen over the porthole is that screen doesn’t impede Fido’s sense of smell like acrylic. The downside? He can’t stick his head all the way in the way he can with the porthole. So, which is better? We’ll leave that up to your aesthetics.
dog screen fence
Dog Fence Window Screen: Source

Backyard Kennel

Does Queenie go bonkers when you let her into the yard, trampling your tomatoes and nibbling your nasturtiums? This large kennel gives plenty of headspace for even the tallest dog while keeping the rest of your yard safe from canine marauding.
backyard kennel
Backyard Kennel: Cloud Canva

Dog Run with Dog Houses

If Rover is into architecture, he’ll appreciate the classic lines of these dog houses. This low fence is good for smaller dogs and dogs that are unlikely to jump very high, such as corgis or Basset hounds.
upscale dog run
Spoiled Dog Run: Your Dog Supply Store
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Basic Dog Run

What, you’re not willing to spend that kind of money on Tuffy? Okay, here’s the basic run. But don’t let Tuffy see the two above, or he’ll have the ASPCA on speed dial.
basic backyard dog run
Basic Dog Run: Source


“Meow? Meow? Meow!” Translation: “Excuse me, have you forgotten somebody?” No, Fluffy, we have add-ons for you, too. Check out this cool catwalk that circles the inside of a fence. Just think how wild you’ll drive Fido by taunting him from this height. Better yet, since cats are kind of short – no offense – this will improve your view tremendously.
backyard cat walk
Catwalk on Backyard Fence: Source


Okay, we saved the best for last. Just as every guy needs his man cave and every gal her she shed, your feline companion wants a private catio. This screened-in cat paradise protects Kitty from cars, coyotes and that creepy kid down the street, while providing fresh air and entertainment galore. Don’t shame Kitty by making her the last cat on the block without a catio.
backyard catio
Cat “Kennel” Fence Add-on: Source
We hope you’re inspired to upgrade your dog or cat’s outdoor amenities. If we can help make your pet’s dreams come true, give us a call today.