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People put a lot of time into making their gardens blossom, whether growing roses or cucumbers. At Buzz Custom Fence, we think a beautiful garden deserves a really cool custom gate. This week we’ll talk about fencing your garden and adding a gate that completes the look.

Why Fence Your Garden?

First of all, let’s talk about the garden fence. Why fence, you might ask? Aren’t flowers supposed to roam free? Ideally, yes. But plants have predators. Deer want to eat your berries. Hippies could come along and pick your flowers.

A fence and garden gate set your space apart from the rest of the yard. This can be important aesthetically, but also to set a different mood. When you pass through the gate, you are in your special garden.

Fencing your garden can also aid your calculations. How many plants do you need? How much fertilizer? Defining the garden space makes it easy to measure.


One of the simplest ways to individualize your garden gate is to vary the materials. You can do this subtly, such as having a wooden fence and gate, but staining the gate a different color. Or go bolder, with a wooden fence and a contrasting metal gate.

Wrought iron gates are elegant and romantic, summoning up Spain or at least New Orleans. We offer a variety of custom colors for iron gates, or go with favorites like bronze, white, green, black or brown. Our powder coatings inhibit rust and increase your iron gate’s longevity. You can further customize your iron gate by adding spires, inserts, designs and finials.

Some folks get downright arty. We’ve seen gates that incorporate garden implements, bicycles and old saxophones. Or a gate can be a sculpted piece of abstract or representational art. Depending on your budget, inclination and creativity, your gate can be as understated or eye-catching as you like.

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We help many customers make their gate a special focal point of their fenced garden. A customized walk gate provides the finishing touch for your personal outdoor retreat space. We are always happy to discuss wood versus iron, vinyl versus chain link, how to prevent gate sagging and which materials are most weather resistant. So pick up the phone and give us a call. Our gate design team and installation experts await you.