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stone patioSummer and early fall mean outdoor living. At least in the evening, when the sun goes down and the air cools a few degrees. Here in Texas, at high noon it’s hotter than blazes in July!
But the call of the barbecue or outdoor drinks with friends will get you looking around your yard. Is it, we hate to say, looking grubby or outdated? Is it time to upgrade your patio, the focus of outdoor entertaining?
If so, read on. Today we’ll talk about different outdoor flooring materials for your perfect patio.


An American classic since colonial times, bricks have staying power. They hold up well under foot traffic and can be arranged in a variety of attractive patterns. Just like a pair of jeans, you can choose bricks that show off their dark newness or ones that are already faded for that broken-in look.
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A couple of possible downsides: Since brick is porous, it retains water and may crack in winter. It can also become mossy and slippery in shady areas. So consider your climate and the sunniness of your yard if you’re considering a brick patio.

Natural stones

flagstone patio
Flagstone gives your yard an earthy, natural look. You’ll find it in shades of grays, browns, reds, and blues. Slate, limestone, and sandstone are the types most commonly used in patios. The surface is naturally slip-resistant. You can choose uniform flagstone tiles for a formal look, or irregular pieces laid out randomly for what is sometimes called “crazy paving.”


Pavers are thin, flat stones created for paving projects. They’re cut into modular shapes. Common measurements are 6-by-12, 12-by-12, and 18-by-18-inches.You can also choose uncut pavers, which have irregular edges, for a wilder look. Pavers may be made from brick, stone or concrete. Interlocking concrete pavers are an inexpensive choice with quick installation and minimal maintenance.


accents on wooden fence
A plain concrete slab makes one of the ugliest patios. But imaginative ways to use concrete are beautifying many backyards. A wider choice of colors and finishes — such as scored, stamped, brushed or acid washed – is revolutionizing what was once a cheap and hideous patio flooring.

Recycled materials

With interest in recycling at an all-time high, commercial and DIY builders are finding more ways to make old materials new again. Threadbare tires? Make them into rubber patio tiles. Is your neighbor throwing away old concrete sections of the driveway? Looks like material for irregular concrete pavers. Experimental patios reap iffy results. But if you’re a DIY type committed to recycling, hats off to you.

Design and installation

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If you’re not eager to cut old tires into squares or pick through your neighbor’s construction trash, no problem. Your friends at Buzz can help you create or update your patio for late summer entertaining. At Buzz, we specialize in brick and stone pavers. So if that’s the look you want for your patio, give us a call today.