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Purchasing a fence is not a day-to-day event. In fact, you may only purchase one or two fences in your lifetime as an average homeowner, so it helps to make the most informed decision as possible to meet your security or aesthetic needs. But can you have both? Absolutely!

Whether you require a high level of security or minimal, you don’t need to compromise on beauty. A fence can easily tie in to your home’s exterior design while providing you the safety and peace of mind you want and need. After defining your needs, use this as a preliminary guide to review the different security fences available.

Chain Link Fence

You can find variations of any basic fence type and chain link fences are a pretty basic style. You can build a custom fence using double row fence systems with rows of razor ribbon and concertina wine for additional security. A chain link fence is one of the primary building blocks for a building’s perimeter security system.

Chain link fences are available as:

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Wood Fences

Fences come in one sided, double sided, picket and spindle, post and rail with sections that come with solid panels. Wood fences provide security in conjunction with beauty; wood fence panels are available with custom toppers in lattice or spindle. A large variety of caps and hinges in addition to arbor, pergolas, post and rail fence options are available.
Unlike chain link fences, wood fences don’t provide transparency, completely securing your home with an added sense of privacy.

A fence can serve a wide range of purposes. A fence may protect your home and garden from inquisitive eyes. It can prevent or at least hinder a burglar from entering your property, or alternatively, prevent your small children from getting too close to the busy road while they are playing in the yard. While performing its security duty, a fence can be both elegant and classy. An educated choice of a fence will allow you to enjoy the best of all worlds and have several needs met at once.

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