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Having a backyard swimming pool is one of the great delights of a hot summer. But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt or even worse. For all the fun and entertainment a pool provides to your family and friends, they also introduce risks onto your property. 
Young children, pets, and inebriated guests are all especially susceptible to drowning. That’s why it’s important to prioritize pool safety. Here are some of our best tips to maximize the fun and safety of your backyard swimming pool.

Swim lessons

Everyone in your family should know how to swim. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends swimming lessons for all kids four and up. Never learned as a child? It’s not too late for adults to take lessons, too.


Just because your children know how to swim doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. They still need supervision when they’re young, and that means staying within an arm’s length of them. Wearing a life jacket is also a good idea for the young and/or inexperienced swimmer. As they get older and more competent at swimming, teach your kids to always swim with a buddy.

Anti-entrapment safety drain covers

Did you know children, and even small adults, can be trapped by the powerful suction of pool drains? We know, terrifying. Install anti-entrapment drain covers and teach children to stay clear of pool drains.

Safety training and equipment

Keep life rings, a reaching pole and floats easily accessible. Enroll all the family members in water safety and CPR courses from the Red Cross. Invite your kids’ best friends for training, too – it could be your own child’s life that is saved. Keep a phone poolside in case of emergencies.
Install proper barriers

Having the proper fencing and other barriers is one of the most important things you can do to prevent backyard pool drownings. It’s also the law. Here’s a sobering quote from the US Consumer Product Safety Division: “Many of the nearly 300 children under 5 who drown each year in backyard pools could be saved if homeowners completely fenced in pools and installed self-closing and self-latching devices on gates.” Little kids don’t always ask for permission. Sometimes they slip into places they shouldn’t be and find themselves in a world of trouble. Do not let that place be your backyard pool.

Your pool fence should be at least four feet high and surround all four sides of the pool. A five-foot fence is even better. Gates need to be self-closing and self-latching. Keeping a pool cover on the pool when it’s not in use provides another layer of safety. You could also install an underwater pool alarm that alerts you whenever somebody enters the pool.

At Buzz, we love swimming pools and want you to enjoy them. We might have made you a tad paranoid in this post. But to quote that old but still-true cliché, better safe than sorry. If you’re adding a backyard pool to your home, call us today and we’ll help keep your family and friends safe.