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commercial gateWhether it surrounds a home or a business, your fence proclaims your property line. It clearly states, This is my little kingdom (or queendom), where I make the rules. Not in an obnoxious way, of course, but as a just ruler.

The fence you choose for your business may differ from the one you want at home. This week we’ll examine whether your business could benefit from a fence, and, if so, what the right type of fence is for you.

Why fence your business in?

In addition to marking your property boundaries, two of the other main reasons for fencing your business lot are security and privacy. A fence serves as a major deterrent to thieves, vandals and other ne’er-do-wells who might otherwise decide to trespass and pursue their evil pastimes on your property. Your fence doesn’t have to be sky-high and decorated with spikes to add security. Even if your fence is potentially climbable, why bother when there are plenty of businesses without fences? Remember, thieves are lazy. Otherwise, they’d get jobs like you and me.

Depending on your business, you may need to restrict or control access. This is especially important at research facilities and manufacturing plants. A fence keeps unauthorized people out. Fences also provide privacy, blocking the views of everybody from casual looky-loos to scoundrels bent on industrial espionage.

Ready for a new fence

The right fence for the job

So, what’s the right fence for your business? That all depends on what you’re doing behind that fence. Say your business is in an industrial park. Consider chain link, an industrial-chic material. We recommend building at least six feet high and using a thicker wire for extra strength. Chain link makes an excellent security fence because it’s so easy to see through, leaving nowhere for a perp to hide.

But what if your business is a quaint bed and breakfast in a historic home? Chain link would detract from your desired look. Instead, we’d recommend a material with more aesthetic appeal, such as ornamental wrought iron. For example, have you ever strolled New Orleans’ French Quarter? If so, you were surely riveted by the Cornstalk Hotel, named for its gorgeous wrought iron fence depicting cornstalks. (In our fantasy world, fences would be so striking that lots of businesses would take their names from them.)

Customizing your fence

Choosing the right fence for your business is a big decision. And, hey, not everybody can be fence experts. But your friends at Buzz are. Our designers will be happy to discuss your business’s needs and concerns and draw up the perfect fence for your property. Give us a call today.