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cedar wood fenceAt Buzz, we have a 24/7 lovefest with many fence materials. But cedar holds a special place in our hearts. This week, we’ll look at five reasons we think you’ll love a cedar fence as much as we do.


Cedar has staying power. It holds up to heat and cold and outlasts fences made from softer wood, like pine. An untreated cedar fence has an average lifespan of 15 to 30 years.

Resistance to rot and wood-destroying insects

The natural oils in cedar make it resistant to both rot and insects, including mosquitoes, woodworms, and moths. Rats and mice don’t care for it, either. And the protection doesn’t stop at the ground level. Your cedar fence posts will repel underground bugs, too.
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Low maintenance

The amazing cedar oil also means no sealant is required. Left to itself, the fence will slowly turn an attractive gray as it matures. If you prefer a different color, you can stain your cedar fence.


If you want a privacy fence, a cedar fence with the pickets standing board to board will block the view of nosy neighbors. Build it high and you’ll also block sound. Another interesting thing about cedar fences is they contain natural air pockets that provide insulation. The area around your fence will be just a little cooler in summer and warmer in winter than the rest of your yard.

A classic beauty

A cedar fence is a natural beauty and looks good in almost any yard. You can choose a rustic design or something more polished. Cedar ages well, keeping its straight shape and size, rather than warping like many types of wood.
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Many of our customers prefer the modern look of a horizontal wood fence over a traditional picket fence. They feel like this simple design makes their yards look bigger, and gives an upscale farmhouse feel.

Your own cedar fence

Are you considering a cedar fence for your backyard? We’re ready to share our love of cedar and design a gorgeous fence just for you. Give your friends at Buzz a call, and join our cedar love fest.[/column]