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gate keypad controlAre you one of those people who know exactly when you’re due for a phone upgrade? Have you ever waited in line overnight for a product launch? At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re not willing to spend the night outside the Apple Store. But when it comes to new fence technology, we’ll admit we get pretty excited.
If you’re ready to spread the wealth and treat your fence to a new techy toy for 2017, here are a few upgrades to consider.

Electric Gate Opener

You probably have one of these already, but just in case we have any really old-school readers, this is the first bit of tech to add to your gate. Aren’t you sick of getting out in the hot summer or the winter rain to heft that driveway gate open? It’s Buzz to the rescue! Give us a call and we can easily and quickly hook you up with a solution. Choose from a key fob remote opener, a callbox or even a smartphone app.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Whether you’re a minor celebrity, protecting your business, or just a tad paranoid, video surveillance equipment can put your mind at ease. No more wondering if thieves and/or paparazzi are out there, or if you’re just imagining it. You can pick from a discreet camera setup, or make the surveillance obvious. Personally, we think posting a ginormous sign puts folks on their best behavior.

Biometric Devices

Okay, now we’re getting fancy. Think how envious your neighbors will be when they see you scan your retina, earlobe geometry or voice waves to open your gate. These unique identifiers can all be keyed in to protect your home and business from unwanted visitors. And you’ll quickly see who’s following that commandment, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s biometric devices. We bet the guy next door will be getting his own iris scanner installed next week.

Loop Detector

Do you want your gate to open when a car drives up? Then you need a loop detector. This underground magnetic coil senses the metal of a car, triggering an electromagnetic impulse to the gate opener. These are especially handy for businesses. While it might be easiest to include one in your original design, even if you’ve owned your business 20 years you can still embed a saw-cut loop in existing and road or driveway.

Solar Panel on Your Fence

At Buzz, we’re very familiar with the benefits of solar-powered gate openers. But some people are going farther, and attempting to mount whole solar panels on their fences to help generate home electricity. We’re not ready to guarantee this is a good move, but it’s an interesting idea. And least worth watching a YouTube video about.
It’s not too late to give your fence a Christmas present. If you’re ready to show your fence and gate the love they deserve, call your friends at Buzz today.