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According to Fox News, the top ways Americans use tax returns are:

1. Put the money into savings
2. Invest in stocks
3. Pay for a vacation or event
4. Pay down credit card debt
5. Pay off other debt

These are all mature, responsible things to do with your tax return. But—pardon us for pointing this out—except for the vacations and events, this list is pretty boring. Maybe you should take at least some of that money and do something more satisfying.

At Buzz, we say tax refund season is the perfect time to upgrade your fence. After all, how often do you see your fence? Probably multiple times per day. Fences are highly visible and do so much to enhance our lives, from delineating our personal kingdoms (and queendoms) to giving our kids and pets a safe place to play, to adding beauty to our homes. Here are five ways to show your fence some love with your tax refund.

Privacy Screen

Tired of watching your half-clothed neighbor spray paint his old Datsun on blocks in his backyard? You, my friend, have earned a privacy screen. Privacy screens are wood or plastic lattice that will block the view through your fence. And we think it’s high time you did.

Fence Planters

Fences and plants look good together. If you love to garden, adding fence planters—planters that attach to your fence—lets you dramatically expand your cultivation area. Whether you buy planters at the garden store or make them yourself by upcycling crates, planting in Mason jars or even shoe organizers, hanging flowers colorfully enhance the inside or outside of your fence. If you have a brown thumb, opt for some art instead.

We Do Gates


We are huge fans of acrylic bubbles that give Fido a view of the outside world. And Fido will appreciate being able to see friends and foes as they approach the territory it’s his duty to protect.

Separate Sections

Have you ever thought of dividing your yard into separate sections? Instead of having one big open yard, you could have a protected vegetable garden, or a dog run, or your own special reading nook. Separate sections add meaning and purpose to your yard.

A Whole New Fence

Maybe your refund is sufficiently big and your fence sufficiently old/ragged/saggy to warrant a major makeover. Perhaps you’re even ready for a whole new fence. Call your friends at Buzz and we’ll get to work on a fence so awesome that you’ll always remember the tax season of 2019.