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Whether you want your house to look nice for guests, or you just want to be happy every time you come home, a good-looking entryway is essential. Stone or brick columns complete your gate and entry, and make a grand style statement. At Buzz Custom Fence, we love to design the perfect stone columns to make your entryway one-of-a-kind. Here are four reasons to consider adding columns to your fence design.

Showcase your individual style with stone columns

Columns come in many shapes and sizes, and the ones you choose say a lot about your personal style. If you like a traditional look, choose brick or very even stones. Want something more rugged? Larger columns with oversized stones of varying sizes will give your entryway the look of a national park lodge. Or go with round stones of different sizes for a whimsical, fairy tale look.

Get the look of a stone wall

stone columns
Stone retaining walls can look fabulous, but they have their drawbacks. If you build a stone wall all the way around your house, the cost will be high and your house will be obscured. Stone or brick columns give you that look without the expense. And you won’t risk turning your home into a compound.

Provide structural support

Some gates are very heavy. We can build stone columns around your driveway gate to offer structural support. We love this combination of form and function.

Ready for a new fence

Hide your gadgets

A stone gatepost can also serve as your command station. We can talk about how to hide automatic openers or an intercom system inside. Some people even like to incorporate their mailboxes into brick columns.
Do you live in a subdivision? Some subdivisions now require entryway columns. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful entryway or bowing to home owner rules, call us today and we’ll get to the drawing board. Our experts are ready to design the stone or brick entryway columns that will perfectly set off your house and fence.