At Buzz Custom Fence, we are passionate about combining security with stunning yet functional design. And when you automate one of our custom gates, you elevate your elegant entryway system to a new level of convenience.


When we work together to design your perfect automatic gate, the first thing we’ll discuss is materials. All our gates are designed for strength. Your gate may match your fence – it could be wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl or wood – or you may opt for a contrasting material.

Perhaps cedar with iron bars would be the most beautiful solution for your gate. You can further customize your automatic gate with wrought iron finials, pewter or glass decorations. We’ll help you assess the durability and practicality of these materials, as well as their aesthetic value. And since all of our automatic gates are made to custom fit to your driveway, they will look absolutely perfect.

Solar automation technology

Many of our customers like to take advantage of the bright Texas sun. For both swinging and sliding gates, solar automation is the wave of the future and the first step in going green for many homeowners. Since solar automatic gates are powered by the sun, location is a vital factor.

Your gate will need to get at least five hours of direct sunlight daily to maintain the battery charge. Solar is a perfect solution if your gate is more than 1,000 feet from an 110V AC power source. We’ll determine the system that draws the least amount of electrical current and make sure your battery storage is ample.

Electric gate openers

Electric gate openers can also work for both swinging gates and sliding gates. The right sort of automatic electric gate opener will depend on the length and weight of the gate. For example, long and heavy gates require heavy-duty gate openers whereas light and short gates can be fitted with a light-duty gate opener. We’ll discuss with you how you’d like your gate to open—a single swing or dual swing gate?

At Buzz Custom Fence, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and taking the necessary precautions to protect your automated system from the elements. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your automatic gate, powered by solar or electric, will provide you with necessary security for years to come.