Sure, a walk gate is a necessary point of entry, but, it can be so much more! Many of our customers like to work with our design team to make their gate a special focal point of the property. A custom walk gate adds curb appeal and is the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful fence.

Choosing a Gate Type & Material

  • Your walk gate can match your fence, or provide contrast.
  • A wrought iron gate is elegant and eye-catching.
  • Iron gates can be powder coated with custom colors for a variety of looks. Available in bronze, white, green, black, brown or custom colors, powder coating inhibits rust and increases the life of your iron gate.
  • For an even more distinctive look, add spires, inserts, designs and finials.
  • Wooden gates look great with wood, iron or aluminum fences. Stain your wooden gate for weather protection and a classic look. Choose a stain color that compliments your house and your landscaping.
  • Aluminum gates are another option. These have the look of traditional wrought iron picket fencing and offer outstanding strength with many design and color options.
  • You can further customize your walk gate with decorative accents made of pewter, glass, iron, wood or ceramic. We can help you pick sturdy, weather-resistant materials that will last a long time without damaging your fence.

Gate Swing & Security

There are two options for opening a walkway gate: inward and outward swinging. For safety, Buzz recommends inward opening gates for backyards with dogs and children. If a latch is accidentally left unlocked, this gate design makes escape more difficult. You can also choose between a left or right swinging gate for your dominant hand!

There are several security and design considerations for gate hardware. If the gate is for a pool fence, Buzz will be required to follow specific guidelines to limit unwanted access from the outside, while still being convenient for swimmers.

Gate latches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are as diverse as the fencing material Buzz provides! Some latches only work with an inward or outward swinging gate, while others work with any type of gate. Gravity and spring loaded latches are popular options, when you close the gate the latch locks into place automatically. Bolt latches are manual, but can be affordable and maintain a vintage look.

Securing a gate can either be through a padlock purchased separately, or part of the latch design such as a deadbolt. Buzz offers leverring and thumb latches that can all be secured.

Go Buzz Custom

Allow our team of master welders to construct a gate to your specifications. We also have ready-made gates from leading brands. Whether it is a wood, iron, vinyl or chain link gate, our gates have steel frames and iron supports to help prevent sagging. And all of our work is backed by the Buzz Warranty. We are very proud of the work we do.

A customized walk gate will beautifully finish your new fence and offer safety and security. Our gate design team and installation experts are ready to serve you. Contact us today!

See what our customers are saying:

Homeowner in Dallas, TX
They installed a wood fence that spanned most of the yard and an ornamental metal gate. It was a wonderful experience. Buzz did a great job and were very professional. The work was completed as quickly as possible, only about 4 or 5 hours for everything.
Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX
Installed wooden backyard privacy fence and one side entry gate, removed old fence, gates, and posts. This was done in 100 degree plus weather. We were very pleased with work, quality of materials, price, and the one-day completion.
Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX
It’s really pretty. They were able to start earlier than they had thought and completed it within 2 days. We love the fence. They offered a lot of helpful suggestions and even gave us a 3rd walk gate at a discounted rate. They were very professional. They were very attentive to what we needed.