A fence secures a perimeter, maintains privacy and safety. An automated gate seems counter-intuitive, it’s purpose is to provide access and make entry and exit convenient for vehicles and pedestrians. However, today’s technology has radically changed opening a gate, delivering both convenience and security.

Gate Opener Options

Buzz Custom Fence offers a variety of automated solutions for opening gates, and all are compatible with electrical or solar power. These systems can also be installed for commercial buildings, hospitals and more  – securing entry for employees and customers.

  • Key Fob Remotes: A basic and easy solution to opening a gate. Simply have the fob on your keys and get within a few feet of a gate. Key fobs can also have buttons, allowing for gate and garage door entry and opening a gate when a vehicle is farther away. The only downside to a fob is losing or forgetting to take it with you.
  • Keypad & Callbox Controls: Installed at the front of a gate, keypads allow for a unique code to enter a property. A call-box is often integrated and allows for telephone entry – a driver can call the owner or resident and get approved to enter. Keypads are a recommended backup for a key fob, although they are more expensive to install. Built-in security cameras that can take pictures of the person putting in the code in the keypad or of the license plate entering the gate.
  • Smartphone Apps: Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. New gate openers allow for a smartphone app to be downloaded and are one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for homeowners.
  • Secure Access Options: Fingerprint readers, eye retina scans and security cameras are additional possibilities for secure entry. Video can be used to record who entered the gate and also for confirmation before entry is granted.
  • Proximity Access: Installed on the gate operator, this device allows for a gate to open automatically from the inside. A great option for apartments and office space with frequent gate use.
  • Barrier Gate Operators: Needing an unmanned system for a parking garage or a way to collect payment, before entering or exiting? Buzz can also design and install overhead gate operators that block access until a credit card or cash payment is delivered.

Choose Buzz Custom Fence

Whether you are designing an entry system for your home, business, ranch, subdivision or apartment building, our team has completed thousands of installations. Start with a free estimate for a complete gate installation or just for gate automation and access.

Buzz Custom Fence has the tools to keep your home, business and other properties safe. All of our work is completed by award-winning technicians. Pick from one of our standard designs or have our design team create a custom solution.

Choose from Award Winning Gate Openers

Buzz Custom Fence is an authorized dealer and installer for several gate control companies. Many of these products aren’t available at DIY big box stores, and include a warranty on service and equipment installed by Buzz. Contact us today!

See what our customers are saying:

Friends of Tillery Park
The gate operator works beautifully. With the wonderful things you have done for us at Tillery Park we would not even consider another supplier for any additional work we might need to have done.
Buddy Stone
My automatic gate was installed by Blacksmith in 2010. It has never operated right. They refused to repair after several attempts. I called Buzz. They first changed the hinges, which was not installed right and rusted. The gate was operated well for a couple of months. When the problems occurred again, they quickly diagnosed the problem, and replaced the receiver. It has been about a month. The gate is working great. I am very happy. The charges are great. I will use them again. I give Buzz my highest recommendation, without reservation.
Homeowner in Granbury, TX
Went great. We had trouble reprogramming digital opener at gate but they returned & helped us set it.