At Buzz, everything we do is custom. Let our team install balcony railings or handrails that are unique to your property. With the right design and expert touch, you can make a big statement while increasing the beauty of a home or business.

Materials are typically welded pipe or ornamental wrought iron, achieving a timeless look that matches any style. We source high quality materials directly from suppliers for all balcony fence projects. All projects carry a warranty and are guaranteed to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Handrails enhance curb appeal, but more importantly, they provide safety. For this reason, they can be required for a business or home. If you are looking to sell a home, many inspectors will require handrails for added safety. Insurance companies may even deny homeowners or business insurance for sloped steps without railings. Consider adding handrails to protect customers, family members and the elderly. Lower your risk of a potential lawsuit or injury.

Work with Buzz Custom Fence and get a free estimate on the design and build of your next project. We strive to provide an excellent experience from start to finish. Simply call, email, stop by our showroom or let our team come to you! At no extra charge, we can meet with you onsite to see your vision, discuss design ideas and share material samples.


Falls are especially dangerous to older individuals, but can happen at any age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite lack of handrails as a common cause of falling, and state that “One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.” So people, please use handrails wherever they’re available. Other causes of falling – whether on stairs or flat land – include foot pain or bad footwear, poor vision, vitamin D deficiency, lower body weakness and balance issues. At Buzz, we can’t give you advice on exercise, diet and footwear, but we can help you by installing safe handrails.

As for balcony railings, they also enhance the safety of your home. But senior citizens usually have the good sense not to lean over balconies. This safety feature is important for containing curious children, reckless teens and party revelers who have temporarily dimmed their faculties of depth perception and good judgment.

Handrails and balcony rails can both prevent tragedies in your home. And lawsuits. We recommend every balcony, porch and deck have safety railing to prevent falls and other accidents.


Have you ever been to a city known for its gorgeous wrought iron balcony railings? Staring up at the balconies of New Orleans, Puerto Rico or Barcelona can make you want to take a little bit of that romance home with you. The good news – you can! We’d love to add that thoughtful bit of custom welded pipe or ornamental iron that will add elegance to your exterior. Beautiful balcony railings also up your house’s curb appeal should you put it on the market.

Ready to act? Or have more questions? Give us a buzz today and we’ll come up with the best custom railing solutions for your home – inside or outdoors.