Buzz Custom Fence installs brick and stone for a variety of functions. Stone retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and patios, as well as entry columns with gates all make for great additions to a property. Brick walls provide the same security as traditional fencing with the additional privacy of zero visibility. Work with our team of masons, which design, cut and grout all natural and man made materials.
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Retaining Walls

While retaining walls may appear to be a simple DIY project, there is more going on than stacking. Retaining walls are specifically designed to restrain saturated soil and prevent erosion. They also create inviting places to sit, and increase usable yard space by changing sloped properties into level plains. If you feel your property would benefit from a retaining wall, let Buzz Custom Fence give you a free quote. We will discuss wall options that best fit your project and budget.

Stone Columns

Nothing completes a gated entry better than brick or stone columns. Columns can provide structural support for heavier gates and create a dramatic entrance to a property. Custom designs are recommended. Get a free quote from Buzz and discover the endless possibilities of a stone and brick column entrance. Click here to learn more!

See what our customers are saying:

Homeowner in Arlington, TX
We had Buzz put a fence around the perimeter of the yard, and build a retaining wall with stone. They took off all the weeds, and all the vines that were around the old fence. All the work was done above our expectations. It is awesome. We cannot help ourselves but just stare at it. We would recommend them to anybody.