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For homeowners, fences often serve a dual purpose: they help secure your home and complement your home’s aesthetic. When it comes time to choose a fence, however, the options can be overwhelming and it can be a tricky task to choose the fence that best matches your home – for both your needs and your décor.
Consider our tips below a guide for choosing the perfect fence for you, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Iron Fences

iron fence security fence home matching buzz fence
Buzz Custom Fence – Iron Fence around home in Benbrook, TX

Fits best with: Most any home (as you can see in the image above, this iron fence perfectly complements the brick home), and works best in areas where weather can be temperamental.
Security: Heavy-duty wrought iron coupled with pointed, spear-shaped finials and spires can provide protection against intruders and may also make it difficult to climb. Since it is made of vertical posts with gaps between them, they do not provide much privacy.

Vinyl Fences

Fits best with: Since vinyl fences can be designed to look like another fence, they can suit almost any home style. A white vinyl fence, for example, might work best with colonial homes whereas a vinyl wooden fence might complement a brick home or a more modern style home with its clean lines. In the end, your custom fence design is up to you!
Security: Vinyl fences can be designed as posts that sit flush next to each other or with gaps in between so they can provide as much or as little privacy as you would like. They can also be designed with pointed tops, flat tops and other colors and patterns to mimic other fence types.

Wood Fences

Fits best with: Wood fences come in many options that allow you to create the custom look. Wood fences like cedar fences are also great for homes in hot climates like the Texas heat. Wood fences can also be stained with defender stains, different colors and more so you can choose the color and design that best suits your home.
Security: Wood fences are strong and come in a variety of styles like with a top cap and trim feature, a board-on-board feature or a batten board, which offers the most privacy. The batten board is like overlaying diagonal pieces of wood fence over horizontal ones, so nearly every crack is covered.

Ready for a new fence?

Chain Link Fences

Fits best with: homes that have a wide backyard, small front yard or a ranch where you simply need to trace your property and add some protection from intruders.
Security: They are a great solution for simple containment while providing security, but remaining open for security. Although they may look like a regular fence, chain link fences are made of galvanized steel; not only are they extremely strong but they can withstand a variety of climates.

Composite Fences

Fits best with: These strong fences are as beautiful as they are low-maintenance, meaning, they can look like wood fences without the maintenance. They also come in a variety of colors like a saddle, Winchester gray and woodland town. See the Trex colors here.
Security: These fences provide both security and privacy since they are built with panels that lay next to each other.

Pipe and Ranch Fences

pipe ranch fence buzz custom fence
Buzz Custom Fence – Ranch Fence, home in Aledo, TX

Fits best with: large plots of land and areas where you may need a durable, attractive and practical fence to serve as a boundary for large animals and vehicles.
Security: Pipe and ranch fences are designed to provide visibility. For example, farmers may want to see where their animals are and keep tabs on their ranch. You can add trims and additions to a pipe and ranch fence like ornaments and gates to make it match your home’s aesthetic all while protecting your animals from elements outside of your ranch.

Aluminum Fences

Fits best with: If you like the look of wrought-iron fencing, you can now have it in aluminum. This style of fence is great for virtually any home because you can customize aluminum fences from color to style.
Security: These maintenance-free fences provide added security but little visibility—this is best if you want to be able to see your environment.

Pool Safety Fences

pool safety fence buzz fence
Buzz Custom Fence – Pool Safety Fence, Weatherford, TX

Fits best with: homes with pools.
Security: These fences provide visibility on the children in the pool without taking away from the beauty of the landscape.
Curious about which fences work best for your design and security needs? Buzz Custom Fence can create a custom fence to meet your expectations. Contact us today!