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Stained Fence

When the time comes to order a new fence, you have plenty of options. Generally, the three most popular fencing materials are also the most affordable: vinyl, chain link, and wood. We love them all, but each material comes with its own unique pros and cons. Most folks choose a material based on their budget, privacy and security needs, or whatever looks best. However, not many homeowners take the time to also consider the amount of maintenance required. Today we’ll shed some light on our three most popular fencing materials and offer some useful tips to help your fence last for a lifetime.

Vinyl Fence Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is a super-tough synthetic material made from combining two natural substances: ethylene and chlorine. Together they form polyvinyl chloride, which is commonly called vinyl or PVC. Like many of us, vinyl’s early days in the 1980s were often not pretty and appeared cheap and plasticy looking. Decades later improved composition has led to incredibly natural-looking vinyl fences that can be 5x stronger than wood. Due to its ease of use and durability, vinyl’s growth as an infrastructure plastic exploded over the years and is currently the 2nd largest manufactured and sold plastic resin in the world!

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Vinyl fencing doesn’t require painting or maintenance, doesn’t chip or fade in the sun, and is termite resistant. There are generally fewer color options and styles available versus wood, but there are still plenty of options to let you find one that matches your property. A vinyl fence offers both easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. In fact, vinyl is one of the easiest fencing materials to maintain, often requiring nothing more than a good soaking with a hose. If you encounter tougher stains like soil thrown from your lawnmower, tree sap, or bird droppings, simply scrub the spots with vinyl cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. If you don’t have any vinyl cleaner on hand, warm soapy water works just as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Chain Link Fence Maintenance

A chain link fence is a type of woven fence material usually constructed from galvanized or linear low-density polyethylene-coated steel wire. According to the American Fence Association, chain link is the most widely used material in today’s industrial, commercial and residential fence markets. Chain link is usually the most cost-effective material, especially if your property extends for multiple acres. Chain link also helps protect property and offers consumers a clear view, with no place for intruders to hide. If privacy is a concern, we can convert chain link fencing from Sandlot to Sandals Resort by inserting special windscreen slats either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create a feeling of seclusion and safety.

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When it comes to maintenance, chain link is a snap. Like vinyl, most of the grime on chain link fences can be easily sprayed off with a hose or pressure wash. Warm soapy water and a soft-bristled scrub brush can make short work of tougher stains. If you still notice stains, simply scrub them with a wire brush and a solution of one cup of detergent and one gallon of water. Need an upgraded tip? Chain link with a vinyl coating can last much longer than standard metal chain link fencing. It’s also rust free and stays clean with age.

Wood Fence Maintenance

Aged wood fence panels are a more fragile material compared to vinyl and metal. We advise not to scrub roughly to remove stains. A better solution is to soak your fence with a special wood cleaner—found in any hardware store. You can also DIY with a solution of one part bleach to two parts water. As the cleaner soaks in, you’ll notice the fence come back to life as the stains dissolve. At this point, you can rinse off the cleaner with a garden hose or power washer and let it dry for a week or two. You can add paint or stain with a sealer as soon as the fence has dried completely. This will help your fence keep its color and protect against weather.

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