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Looking out your kitchen window would be a different experience if you had a new fence to look at. You’ve been thinking about beautifying your backyard by adding or updating your current fence to a new one, but when are the conditions just right for this size of a project? You can’t imagine installing a fence in the cold weather, but believe it or not, winter is the best time of year to install a new fence. Here’s why.
lattice wood fence

Buzz Custom Fence Lattice Wood Fence

Avoid Springing Into Action
…which is what everyone does in the busy spring and summer seasons. Coupled with spring cleaning is all the necessary housework and upgrades homeowners talk about doing all winter long and only get around to in the warmer summer months. If you consider summer and spring the peak season, then winter is the perfect time to get the service and attention you want from your fence specialist. Take advantage of the off season by doing your research during the warmer months and preparing for installation in the winter.
Contractors Are Prepared
Our team at Buzz Custom Fence is prepared to handle various conditions, including chilly winter weather. In fact, experts like us have the tools and expertise to install a fence during the winter season so you can be sure that the cold weather doesn’t mean installers are compromising on quality.
You May Save Some Money
Since all seasons outside of winter are busier for installers, they may have surplus materials, meaning you can potentially save on fencing materials by having a fence installed in the winter. Certain types of fences may even cost less, but the best thing to do is call professional fence installers like our experts at Buzz Custom Fence and get an estimate. Be sure to ask if we are offering any winter discounts on fence products!
If you’re thinking about upgrading your fence or buying a new fence, contact Buzz Custom Fence today! We will help you find a fence type to match your needs and the style of your home so it blends seamlessly into your yard or deck. Contact us today!

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