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If you want the look of wood but not the maintenance that comes along with it, composite might be your solution. Composite fencing looks and feels like a real wood fence, but it’s generally made from recycled materials i.e. plastic and wood fibers.
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How It’s Made

Composite means made of various parts or elements, so it only makes sense that a composite fence is made from two or more dissimilar materials. The specifics of what composite fences are made from can vary from one fence to another, but one thing is for certain: composite fences are made by binding two or more materials together to create something stronger.

Composite fencing is usually made from recycled ground plastic and sawdust held together by resins and formed by being pressed in high-pressure molds. Most composite fencing is made anywhere from 50% to 100% of recycled materials; composite materials usually come from things like gallon milk cartons, grocery bags and other plastics and materials that would end up lasting years in the landfill. The wood portion of it is sometimes made of leftover wood pulp from paper mills.

Why Choose Composite?

For starters, it’s relatively maintenance free while still providing a durable fencing solution. Due to the way it’s made, composite fencing requires fairly light maintenance like an annual pressure wash. You can also just hose it down and let it dry.
If you’re environmentally-conscience, composite fencing is a green alternative to wood fencing. Its composite materials include visible wood fibers, meaning you can easily have a composite fence that resembles the appearance of real wood like redwood, walnut, cedar and more. These wood fibers strewn throughout make it a more durable option as well, especially in cold weather. Unlike vinyl and wood fences which can expand and contract with weather changes, composite fences typically resist weather damage and termite decay.

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Additionally, composite fences don’t need painting or staining like natural wood and don’t have a reflective glare like vinyl fencing.
Whether you’re looking for a strong fence or one that can easily be customized into the design you desire, composite fencing is an excellent and long-lasting choice to provide you the security you need and the beauty you want. Have any more questions about composite fencing? Contact us today!