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Building a fence is easy, right? You just Google “fence companies,” call the first name that pops up, and they rush over and build your fence. Right?

Sorry. It takes a little more work than that. While preparing for a fence installation doesn’t require the same amount of preparation as, say, a moon voyage, there are a handful of things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

Know thy property line

It’s time to get out that property survey, or commission a new one. Building a fence when you have a hazy knowledge of your property lines is foolhardy. Some neighbors will take it as a declaration of war. Don’t risk bitter feelings and the high cost and heartache of having to demolish your new fence and start over.

Alert your neighbors

Remember that war we just mentioned? Neighbors can be sensitive people. They like to know what’s going on. Launch a preemptive strike by having a friendly conversation with them about the particulars of your new fence, such as materials, height and construction schedule. Maybe bring cookies or a bottle of wine, depending on their tastes.

Find the Perfect Fence for your Dog

Get right with the rules

Before you erect that 10-foot fence, better check the city ordinances. If an HOA governs your property, all the more reason to research rules and regulations before building. Also remember to dial 811, the call before you dig line, so utility companies can come out and mark underground line locations.

Choose a fence company

Research your local fence companies. Check their online reviews or ask the Better Business Bureau about any issues. Call them up and have a conversation. You need trustworthy, reliable, communicative, skilled professionals to work with. Like your friends at Buzz.

We Do Gates

Discuss your materials, budget, etc.

A good fence company will consult with you to determine the fence that best meets your budget and lifestyle. Wood? Wrought iron? A special porthole for Fido to peer out? Your fence designer should listen to your desires then tell you what’s feasible.

Clear the way

The exciting day is almost here! Tomorrow the fence building team will arrive bright and early. Take a few minutes to clear any obstacles, such as lawn furniture, potted plants, kids’ toys, etcetera. The fence team will also really appreciate it if you clean up dog waste before they start working.

At Buzz, we’re as excited about your new fence as you are. Call us today and see how easy it is to have the fence of your dreams.