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A walk gate adds so much to your property. Your fence and gate provide security and reduce the likelihood of trespassers, especially late at night. The right gate also adds style and can beautifully complement your home.
So how do you choose the right walk gate from the oodles of designs out there? At Buzz, we love to talk gates. Give us a holler and we’ll help you pick out the perfect one. You can start by considering the following.

Blend vs. Contrast

One of the first things you’ll decide is whether you want your gate to blend seamlessly into your fence, or if you want your gate to make a statement. This will probably depend on the look of your house, neighborhood and garden. If your house and landscaping are plain, a contrasting gate can provide a fun accent. But if there’s already a lot of decorative stuff going on around your house and yard, you might want to stay simple.
plain vs decorative wood fences


Depending on your thoughts on the above, you might want your gate material to match your fence, or you could go for a contrasting material. Wooden gates complement wood, iron or aluminum fences. Aluminum gates resemble wrought iron, offering strength and many design options at a lower cost.

Simple vs. Ornate

simple gate vs ornate gate
If you do a Google image search for “walk gates,” you’ll find everything from plain chain link to rectangular aluminum gates with vertical pickets, to swirly, ornate wrought iron work. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you and your family will have to decide what strikes you as the most attractive type.


Once you choose your gate material, you can decide whether to manipulate the color. Powder coating for iron gates typically comes in bronze, white, green, black, and brown, but you can also order custom colors. Powder coating inhibits rust, increasing your fence’s lifespan. If you choose wood, staining can both enhance the color and add weather protection.

Privacy vs. Looks

If you live on a busy street or have nosy neighbors, both a fence and gate can add privacy. Wrought iron looks beautiful and is good for security, but is not so helpful with privacy, as people can see right through. A wood gate with little space between pickets will prevent folks from peeking in.

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Decorative Accents

You can further personalize your walk gate with decorative touches, such as finials on wrought iron or aluminum gates or even colored glass. Add some spikes for both style and security. Wood gates can feature different types of wood or different colored stains or a non-standard arrangement of pickets, such as diagonal. Some gates combine wood with metal touches.

Surrounding the Gate

A walk gate can simply attach to your fence by hinges. Or you can make a more eye-catching point of entry by building an arch around your gate or attaching it to stone or brick pillars. You can get very creative with gate surrounds.
At Buzz, we are excited to help you choose the perfect walk gate. Call us today to talk to our team of master welders about what gate will fit your style and personality.