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If you’re like us, March finds you glued to the TV watching March Madness, the most exciting basketball tournament of the year with 68 teams competing for the title. It has come a long way since it began in 1939 with only eight teams.
By the time you’re watching the Final Four, maybe you’re getting the itch to shoot some hoops yourself. Well, did you know that your friends at Buzz Custom Fence also do fencing for sports courts? If March Madness leads to dreams of your own home court or inspires you to upgrade the court at your school, give us a call.

Choose your size

If you have a large yard and plenty of basketball-loving friends, we suggest building a full court. Of course, with the National Basketball Association proclaiming an official court size of 94 by 50 feet, this won’t be plausible in many backyards. But even if space is limited, don’t rule out the opportunity to play basketball at home. A half-court works well for two-on-two games or casual play. Half courts are half as long as a full basketball court, but just as wide. A high school half court is 42 feet by 50 feet, so still quite a chunk of yard space.

Best basketball fencing

Chain link is the most popular type of fence for sports courts. It’s affordable, easy to install, and can be built to a height that will contain the ball. We never recommend running into fences, but if your sudden burst of athleticism leads to a collision, at least chain link has a little more give than iron or wood. Several companies also make a tough netting designed as containment fencing for sports.

Elements of a court

Probably the most important element of home court design is your playing surface. Asphalt is the most common outdoor court surface. Kids have learned on asphalt courts for decades, playing at parks, in driveways, and neighborhood streets. While it withstands all types of weather, it’s an unforgiving surface for falls.
If you want to go a little more high-end, start with a concrete foundation then add a layer of modular polypropylene squares that snap together. This cushioning is easier on the knees and less likely to cause bad scrapes and abrasions if you trip and fall.
People who enjoy a game of nighttime basketball will need lighting. We recommend LED lights on 20-foot tall steel poles. Windscreens add privacy to your court, make it easier to find your ball against a contrasting backdrop and, as you’d guess from the name, cut down on wind. Did you know that the number one reason athletes quit their game is because they get sick of chasing the ball?[i] A proper fence ensures that you spend more time playing your sport than ball hunting. A fence could also save your life. For example, if your basketball court is high above a cliff, chasing stray basketballs could be very dangerous.

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