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fence finial
At Buzz, we live, eat and breathe fences. Heck, we even dream about them. But we realize the civilians out there (i.e. non-fence professionals) might find fences merely functional, and not the stuff of dreams.If you’re one of those people who find fences a tad bland, you probably haven’t met the right finial.

What’s a finial?

Also known as “that pointy thing on top of the fence,” a finial is an ornamental topper that can transform a fence from ho hum to hubba hubba. These are the little pieces that give wrought iron fences so much personality.

History can be gruesome

Finials play an interesting, albeit gruesome, part in history. According to such unlikely sources on British history as the Topeka-Capital Journal, English landowners found very pointy finials a great way to keep their sharecroppers honest. Displaying severed heads on finials caused an uptick in everybody paying their share on time.
And not to give you even more nightmares, but sharp finials can be problematic for wildlife. For example, most people don’t want to wake up to find a deer impaled on their fence.

Variety of finials

Not so sure about that pointy finial now? No problem. Finials come in many shapes, and some aren’t pointy at all. Ball finials are popular in traditional gardens. These spheres are classy, timeless, and pretty much guaranteed not to impale anybody. Other non-pointy tips include oblongs, ovals, and spear points or fleur de lis topped with a ball.

Ready for a new fence

Wood fences, too?

Traditionally, you picture finials on iron or aluminum fences. But wooden fences can have finials, too. They come in the same shapes as metal finials. Plus we’ve seen some fun wooden carvings of pineapples, dogs and chess pieces. If you want something really different, try a porcelain finial inspired by Chinese temples, or art glass finials. These will be more delicate, so beware if your property is prone to hailstorms.

Buzz gives advice

At Buzz, we’re firm believers in people loving their fences, whether they prefer something plain or choose to personalize with finials. We live to talk fences – remember, that’s what we dream about at night – so pick up the phone and let’s hash out all your fence ambitions today.