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Some people might consider gated communities a bit too exclusive and la ti da, but for fence lovers like us, gated communities are a little slice of heaven on earth. With a fence all the way around plus a few nice gates, this is a place we want to live.
Here are a few of the reasons why that surrounding fence makes a gated community so divine.

gated community


Sharing a guarded gate with your neighbors is the next best thing to having your own personal security force posted outside your mansion. While not foolproof, this is a huge deterrent to crime and probably the number one reason many people buy homes inside gated communities.


That fence means that the only people inside will be your fellow residents, their guests, and some maintenance workers keeping the grounds ship shape and vermin-free. You won’t have to endure shady folks loitering on your sidewalk or door-to-door solicitors trying to convert you to a different religion or hit you up for a donation.



With all their honking, revving and tire squealing, cars are one of the biggest obstacles to serenity. But in a gated community, you and your neighbors are driving home and parking, or driving out to go somewhere. Cruising, joyriding and drag racing aren’t tolerated here.


If you’re tired of that neighbor who painted her house purple and constructed a fence out of old saxophones and sardine tins, you’ll love the uniformity of a gated community. The HOA will shut those sort of design decisions down in a hurry.

waterford park pool


Depending on the gated community, your new home could come with an alluring amenity bundle. For example, you may gain access to a swimming pool, off-leash dog park, private trails for biking and jogging, a gym, clubhouse, movie theater, tennis court or golf course. Depending on your passion, the right amenity could seal the deal.

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